Problems with Aspirin & Plavix

Hello- I just found out last month I have a 3mm unruptured annie, I have had my angiogram and follow up. At the moment I have made the decision to repair it since I am worried about having insurance coverage in the future to take care of it - if it were to grow or rupture. My docotor is going to coil and possibly reinforce with a pipeline device. I would have to take the aspirin and plavix 6 days before and atleast 6 months after. Besides all the other risks involved and I scared and worried about taking the meds.

Can anyone tell me about there experiences whiel taking these drugs

I had to take the plavix 2 weeks prior to surgery along with 325mg of aspirin...the risk I was told...was to be careful...because if I fell, etc., and bled ... it is harder to stop bleeding...and other than that ... I don't recall anything...however, I did have some bleed problems due to both drugs so they took me off the plavix after I came home from the Hospital...I now just take aspirin daily at the age of 47 years old...told I must take for the rest of my life...~ I don't think you can have the surgery without these meds ~

Cyber~thoughts your way Colleen

Hy Lynn, I am two weeks post coiling and stenting and was on Plavix and Asprin pre the operation and have been told I will need to take the Plavix for 3 months and the Aspirin for 6 months, I have been fine so far on these meds though I have noticed I have a little acid reflux at times. Jill

Hi Lynn,

I just started my plavix and aspirin regime yesterday. My PED surgery is next Tuesday. I have noticed a little dizziness and stomach upset, nothing major as of yet, but I'm hopeful they go away after a little while. I was told I have to be on the Plavix for possibly a year, then just the aspirin for a while after the surgery. It is correct that you cannot have the surgery unless you have been on blood thinner for at least 5 days prior. Your blood needs to be thin enough and not clot around the stent during surgery. I hate taking meds also. My body does not do well with them, but I'm being positive because if I can't tolerate them, I can't have the surgery. I know it's all overwhelming at times, but we are here for support :)