Pre op appt went well

Hello all, So I had my preoperative appt on Wednesday I will say I feel like a lot of weight has been lifted off my shoulders, but as I assume it’s normal I’m still extremely nervous… Prayers needed please for the 14th as I will be undergoing surgery at 8am to have this aneurysm clipped… Thank you everyone!

No problem Amy, you got it!

And beleive me, its very normal to be scared and nervous--its a big surgery, I don't care how brave you are its still frightening stuff ! Maybe have your doc give you a script for the anxiety, I know it helped me to get thru the waiting game.

My prayers to you Amy for a ho-hum surgery and excellent recovery!

Peace, Janet

Thank you very much Janet. I think I’ll just sit it out and hopefully not be to bothered by it I strongly hate taking things.

Amy...numerous and strong prayers surround you...I was coiled...thus, my prayers are so readily flourishing strongly for you and the long-standing success of open surgery / clips...

You are also blessed with early testing / diagnosis and for the time gifted to you for your decision...based on the recommendations of the professionals...

Hugs and prayers...for your comfort, your knowing/sensing what is right...and, for your recovery...they all do take some time for recovery and the initial healing...


You have my prayers Amy...but mostly the 14th you will be ready to "get the show on the road" ... so you can heal and move on...wishing you the best ~ Colleen

Enjoy the next few days. I pray all goes well.


Wishing an uneventful surgery & easy recovery!

I had 2 aneurysms clipped in July 2011. The second was a surprise once the doctors had my head opened up.

If you have any questions about my experiences post-clipping, feel free to ask.

I will be praying for you and the whole medical team.


keeping you in thoughts and prayers for the 14th and great recovery! Think positive that all will go well~

Gracious God,

We lift up “Loved Ones" to You. Remove any anxiety or fear from Loved one’s” mind and heart, and let her rest in the knowledge that You are with her.

Prepare the surgical room to be a place of peace. Touch and bless the surgeon and the surgical staff. May their minds be alert, and their hands skillful. Lead them as they attend to routine or unfamiliar tasks.

Hold “Loved one” in Your hands through the entire procedure. May the events of this day contribute to her healing. And may the best be done according to Your wisdom and love. Amen.~~~~ found this online!!

Thank you very much!

Thank you so much everyone.

Amen to Ron’s prayer!! My family and I will be praying for you Amy!! God bless! Mary