Coiling on March 25th

I went to the neurologist for the first time today since the rupture of two aneurysms on Jan. 15. He said I was doing well and and should have a third aneurysm coiled. Keep me in your prayers. Thank you.

Good luck hun. Will keep praying for you. Sounds like you handled the hard part already.

hi kelia! Dawns right -big hurdles cleared! keeping you in thoughts & prayers!-- think positive, keep the faith

Hi Kelia..... I will keep you in my prayers! Please say a prayer for me as I will be going in for coiling on March 11th, I am very nervous!

I will prayer for your surgeons hands to be in God's care while operating on you and I will pray for a very fast recovery for you. God Bless!


Hello Kelia,

Everything is frightening when discussing aneurysms. Prayers are with you. I had my aneurysm coiled Jan. 25 and am doing great. I pray your procedure is successful.


Prayers Kelia.....I celebrated my first "annie"versary in January!!!

Good luck on your coiling Kelia. You will be in my prayers!

Keeping you in our prayers Kelia. God Bless you!!

You are in my prayers as well.