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Post Coital Headaches

I’ve been having post coital headaches and when researching it says it’s a vascular problem or could be a leak. Not exactly what one expects while enjoying cuddle time. Anyone else experience this one?

I don’t, my body gets so cold it feels like I’m going into hypothermia, goose bumps, shaking, teeth chattering cold. The Triage RN said keep trying…

I get one…but I have chronic pain from the surgeries. It is scary and I’ve talked to my surgeon about it. She told me to stop worrying and enjoy!!
Do your headaches go completely away, eventually? Mine do. At least the ones caused by “cuddling”.
I’d talk to my neurologist/neurosurgeon if it starts to affect your cuddling!! I have a patient portal where I can send her confidential questions…she responds within 24-48 for non-emergency questions.
Good luck…cuddling is something we can’t afford to loose!!

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I need the cuddling more than before - I dislike not having it daily - and I am out 15+ months … see if your doctor can figure it out

It doesn’t last long, but it ruins the moment and is scary… and affects the desire…

Ooohhh…I do understand that!! And I feel your “pain”.

I’ve had the same fears. So has my spouse.

What I didn’t say before…when my surgeon told me to forget about it and have fun…my response was…“easy for you to say”. And she promised me that I’d be OK.

Even with…that promise…who knows!!!

I do think that if the headache goes completely away…you should be OK. And…that’s easy for me to say!!

I lived with a bleed for 8+ days before I got help. That headache didn’t go away…at all, until I got help.

(And that’s a long story!!)

I hope other people have chimed in. I’d say, it’s probably a huge issue with most of us. The fear…

Good luck and I do hope you find a way to make “skin time” less fear inducing. (Cuddling=“skin time” in our house.)

Take care of you,


Thank you for responding to a difficult subject…

We need to live life and enjoy our lover… / spouse … which is healing I’m itself.

Makes me wonder what Dr Ruth would say…

I saw my Dr yesterday, she said try taking an Advil 20-30 minutes before . I had to giggle and say it reminds me of the old adage, “take 2 aspirin, go to bed and call me in the morning!!! “

Lol! I called my alternative health care advisor and she said get on CBD oil w THC daily… the legal stuff. She said it helps with the Vasoconstriction action and should help with your migraines too!! I’m ordering today. She said give it a week or two to build up in your system… she also said it helps anxiety… which I also have.

I’m laughing with you about the Advil! Good luck with the oil! I’m allergic to THC🤪

They make CBD oil wo ANY THC … FYI… lookup Quicksilver brand… they have a lot of educational videos too… I’m not affiliated w them.

Thanks for the info