More questions about headaches

Hello everyone,

Nan is still suffering really badly, she gets headaches every time she bends over and sometimes when she is just sitting down doing nothing. She has a bad one tonight which felt like a stabbing pain in her head and reduced her to tears. She had a tingling sensation yesterday with a headache. The sharpness of the pain seems to go off quite quick but from what I understand, she is left with a dull ache afterwards. I feel like I am on edge all the time, I panic every time she holds her head, complains of a headache and think I probaly stress her out more because I am asking every minute if she is feeling better. I hate living like this, I was naive and thought things would get better and obviously I thank God every day that she is here with us and this is a small price to pay in the grand scale of things but I honestly feel like I'll never be the same again, I am constantly on edge, snapping, I'm tired, I panic, I stress I used to be a care free 19 year old girl now I feel like an old woman with the weight of the world on my shoulders, I go to sleep every night worrying she will collapse in the night, I go to work every morning praying I don't get a phone call saying she's had one of the other aneurysms burst. I feel like we need a professional opinion on if this many headaches a day are normal, if the pain is different every time like it is at the minute or if it's normal for it to be different feelings, I'm so confused and worried. If anybody can give me some advice and help put mine, Nan's and our family's minds at rest I'd be really grateful. Hope you are all well, Ellie xxx

Hi Ellie...If Nan has doubts about her headaches...she should seek medical attention...for me...I was told after coiling I would and could have headaches up to 6 months...and even now I get about 2 a month...and they really aren't headaches since being coiled...they are migraines...I am down with them...but if I have any doubt about them...I would either go to ER and/or call my Neurologist...I think for you the only good advice I can give you...Nan didn't come through all of this sick for everyone to let the Aneurysm's win...Life must go on Ellie for all of us...Survivors, Family, Caretakers, etc., ~ Gotcha all in my Thoughts ~ Colleen