All night headache

I am sure that whenever my kids gave me the crap. Children in school settings are like little Petri dishes; they spread their evil contaminants everywhere.
You would think by now, after all of the teaching I have done, I would be used to it. Apparently not.
I can handle the scratchy throat. What’s killing me is I’ve had a headache all night long. I can feel it in my neck in my head. I can’t seem to get it to go away. I’m drinking some liquid right now to see maybe if I’m dehydrated. but having that pounding headache all night long was not fun. This is why I hate having. Blobbo the aneurysm, I know logically it is probably not tied to my head. But when you have all night long headaches and shoulder aches, I can’t say it doesn’t run through my mind. This is why I’m getting it taken care of. I don’t want to think that every time I get these severe headaches but there’s a possibility that it’s doing something nasty. but since I have a bit of a sore throat with an eye doubt that. I’m sure the neck and shoulders it’s just for sleeping wrong.
This is why I don’t care how big or small it is, it needs to go.


Everyone here knows how you feel. This is probably the only place where everyone has shared that fear. I’ve had 3 flow diversions and a few months ago I started getting headaches and none of my migraine meds worked (I have 3 different ones). Very stressful as that’s never happened before. No one can quite understand that when things like that happen, it’s impossible not to wonder if you’re ignoring an early warning, or if the worst headache of your life is about to strike. Luckily I already an appointment scheduled some time earlier with my neurologist and she quickly pinpointed my particular problem.

I’m so sorry this is happening while you are under so much stress already. I hope you feel better soon. Some deep breathing may help your stress levels. Have you tried this: What is 4-7-8 breathing? The benefits of mindful breathing on health and wellness


I hear you and have empathy for your situation. Here’s hoping “Blobbo” gets evicted soon!

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Wow, I can totally relate! I have an awful, awful sore throat, been sneezing, etc. Gotta love seasonal allergies. On the other topic, I met with my neurosurgeon today for a one month post-op appt. I am part of a clinical trial for the flow diverter that was used for my treatment. When I met with my doc today, I asked her why you would have a situation that you WOULDN’T treat someone. She explained the risk factor involved and that some cases present a lower risk for the “wait & watch” approach than undergoing treatment based on location etc. She DID say that “quality of life” also comes in to play and as science is showing less and less risk with these more modern devices, it almost evens out. So, if you’re experiencing poor quality of life - mentally, emotionally, physically, she would opt to treat. Something to talk to your doctor about. Hope your headache and allergy stuff going away soon.

I will say - I have been headache free since having my diverter implanted. I’m an advocate… :slight_smile:


I can absolutely relate to this. My 3rd annie isn’t completely closed and though my surgeon “isn’t worried” - I too stress with every ache and pain I get - waiting for another explosion in my head. At the same time, I am relieved that I am not alone when it comes to shoulder/neck pain. With my headaches, I get sore spots on my head (like after a pony tail) and then neck/shoulder pain. I went to the extreme of buying a new mattress and new pillow. YES it did help so MAYBE that was the answer along with the stress- but its funny to see how we all think/feel the same so we are never truly alone. I wish you well and we are always here xoxo

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How long was your recovery?