Personality changes

Right now she has a trach & she is very frustrated. But she is doing things totally out of her character. What do we do as a family to help her.

No matter how sick I was I always knew my children and spouse were there.It made me feel safe and I was a terrible patient after my hemmorage.But the whole 4 weeks I was in the hospital my family never ever left my side.Of course she will do things totally out of character she is terrified!!Please stay by her side and support her.Praying for you all

I also did things out of my character after my aneurysm rupture. My husband would probably quip that I still do. But what mattered most to me was that my family was patient and understanding , tried to make things as normal as possible, and would lighten tense situations with humor where possible. Take the first Thanksgiving after my rupture as an example. My rupture was Sept 14, 2006. We had always had Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s house but I was not in any condition to travel there (abouot 3 1/2 hours away). So instead, my Mom and sister brought Thanksgiving to me literally. Though dinner was held at my house, I did nothing. They did all the cleaning, all the shopping, and all the cooking. They even brought additional cookware like pots, pans, roller pins, serving trays, etc. because they knew I didn’t have all of that. And best of all, they brought my son who also lived close to them and didn’t have a car. In the midst of this, I had a break down whose cause I can’t even remember now but what I do remember is there reaction. All they said was that it was okay, your brain’s overloaded right now. Get some rest, we’ll just hang out amongst ourselves. I did just that and they were there when I woke up and nothing more was said. It meant a lot to me.