Memory loss - we need some help understanding please!

My friend’s mom had an aneurysm rupture last weekend. She had surgery last Thursday where they tried to only clip the aneurysm but may have also partially clipped the artery it was attached to. She’s had vasospams and possibly some mini-strokes and is currently on triple H therapy and still in critical condition although she’s a little more alert this week and physically is doing better. Yesterday morning during visiting hours she could tell the nurses that she had a daughter, what her name was, and the names of her two grandchildren. She was able to speak a little and asked questions that made sense, like how long she’s been in the hospital. Last night and today, she has no idea who her daughter or grandchildren are and keeps saying she doesn’t have any kids. However, she knows the names of her siblings and recognizes them. She’s also saying things that don’t make sense, like if you ask her where she is, one time she may say the hospital and the next time she says the grocery store. This change happened so fast, and not until a week after surgery. How long will it be like this? Why does she know her brothers and sisters but not her daughter that she sees almost every day? When will she know her daughter again?

I’m so sorry to hear what happened to your friend’s mom and am just writing to send you virtual hugs, because I’m afraid I have no answers for you. Have the doctors said anything? Having said that, I know when my mum had her stroke the stock answer to any of our questions was “we don’t know” because every single case is different. My mum had made a spectacular recovery and I hope this lady will too. Thinking of you and your friend x

good morning Dana,
my name is michelle and i had an anyerism back in oct 09 a 2 week stay in the hospital which the 1st week i have no recollection but my children said i would ask them funny questions like “could you go buy me a coloring book?” “where are my socks?” and “can you go but me something to eat from dairy queen?” none of which i remember…i was in icu with little time for visitors and was told by my husband the dr wants to give your brain time to recover after such trauma…our brains when put thru something like this needs time to recooperate and rest is probably the best medicine with not too much stimulation…even to this day dont really recall that time in the hospital but was able to regain my mental faculties soon after coming home from the hospital…just be patient, i know its hard but just try and take baby steps with her to help in the recovery…God will do the rest…hope this helps,michelle

Hello Dana,

For a comprehensive and easy read on the situation you describe I refer you to the book titled, “Stroke and The Family: A New Guide”, by Joel Stein, MD. It explains it all there and much more.

Harold Fernández

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