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Perfectly all right and at the peakof my career



I had my coiling done some 4 years before, Initially the headache after the surgery was unbearable for nearly 2 years. I consulted every specialist, Psychiatrist, nearly 5 Neuro physicians but the headache was unbearable and not able to concentrate. All the physicians said this is psychological and I am paranoid. I did not have an option than to accept the opinions of the Consultants. Everybody was suggesting to do Yoga etc.,. Before 2 years, I decided to believe the Physicians and I woke up every morning and tell myself atleast 1000 times that 'I am fine' and "my head does not hurt any more". I kept myself very busy focussed on my job , sometimes i can feel the pain tearing my head and eye apart then I just get up and go for a walk. I will keep saying to myself that ' I am fine' and my head does not hurt. I practised this for nearly 1 year and now I do not feel the pain. Now it is like I have a severe head ache If i think I have . I have learnt to ignore my head ache. I am perfectly all right have a very good job and even thinking of leaving the current job and taking a completely different job so that I can focus. I have been in this area of specialization for nearly 15 years.

Now I do not or may be I do not feel the headache anymore. I am happy. Whatever I said above does not appear rational or itis unbelievable but it is true.

I just wanted to share my experience



Thanks for sharing BalaR! It is amazing how our brain can be controlled by our thoughts. I used a procedure to get rid of or lessen my headaches and it worked in controlling my allergy attacks. But the headaches told me when I was physically overdoing, not eating enough protein or keeping hydrated. They also show up in spades when I’m stressed. But I’ve decided to live with them and control using relaxation, proper diet etc. thanks for the reminder that positive thinking can be extremely beneficial! Thanks for the reminders to make sure why we are having headaches with our medical teams.




Thank you so much for sharing this since I am about to have coiling done on Tue. at least I know what to expect and what to do. I know at my job I can't get a different position so I think I will try a online class to concentrate more. If you any more suggestions please post them.



praise97, good luck with the coiling on Tuesday! You might try lumosity it’s a well respected game that encourages brain cells to keep working

Here’s the link



Thank you Moltroub, I'm going to research that site today.

Moltroub said:

praise97, good luck with the coiling on Tuesday! You might try lumosity it's a well respected game that encourages brain cells to keep working

Here's the link


Praise, There is another app called Elevate that you might find helpful.