Pain? When do I worry?

I’ve been a member of the BAF for about a month now. I read a lot of the post and discussions. I had my surgery on 5/25/2010. I know headaches are common. I know the needle like pains at the incesion are common. But what about the SHARP knife like pains surrounding the clipping??? Is that common??? I have pressure behind my eyes. This makes me feel nasuous. Forgive the spelling I’ve lost it a little. I call my doctor (because they are 5 hours away and I can’t drive to them everytime I have a little ache or pain.) anyway most of the time they just say “it’s normal, we can’t tell you when it will go away but you’re fine” OK - so … Maybe some of you folks can help me out??? Should I be worried?? What’s “common” ?? Thanks

Hi Linda. Welcome to the site. I am 3 weeks post-op from clipping x2. I have the pressure behind my eyes and headache of course but i do not have the sharp pains you are describing. As a nurse I would have to say to make an appointment and have it checked out. Especially if this is something new that has just started to happen. Keep us posted! :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will. I’m waiting for my doc to refer me to one in my home town so that I don’t have to drive so far.

My husband had aneurysm clipping 6 1/2 weeks ago and he still suffers from constand headaches, pressure and nausea. I wish someone could say how long it lasts and how to ease these symptoms but I have been unable to find any answers myself. He is also obsessed with any ache or pain he gets, afraid it is something really bad or afraid he will have another rupture. It’s a little reassuring to me to know that others are having these same problems, hope it gets better for you soon! Hang in there!

My best to you and your husband. Things do get better. My surgery is 4 months old. This site is wonderful for learning and support. I’ve found that there are a lot of issues with a BA and determining which ones need attention can be difficult because the recovery is so long. I’ve called my doctor and they tell me the sharp pains are my nerves “fusing” back together. Which is fine but it’s the location of the pain that I question. Anyway, communication weather it’s on this site, family, friends and with your doctor is very important. You too hang in there. Stay in touch. Thank you

Hi, I think that they do not understan they we are scared, nervous-don’t want it to happen again-at first whenever i had a headache i went straight to the er-now i take a advil-but if it does not go away in that day -i head to the doc- then it’s back for another mri-but you can only have so many of those done-i just pray and keep my doc posted-make sure you keep a journal of things too…

Thank you, I know exactly how you feel. I too went to the ER a couple of time, had the CT scan. I too started taking over the counter meds, but there are days when they just don’t work and that’s what worries me most. But I do Thank each and everyone of you for reading and replying at least I don’t feel so alone and I know someone out there understands. My best to all.

yea this site is good-other ppl can relate-so it’s been a while since I been on here. How are you now? Hope better. I only take advil if I feel a headache coming on-the only problems I have now is a tickling sensation in my left hand that makes it hard to do simle task-like typing or opening a bag of chips-no one has told me why this is happening and once a month when it menstral time my body shuts down I am so drained-I stay in bed all day. I do want to return to work hopefully soon. OOps lol-how are you???