Headaches , throbbing

I had a clipping of a unraputered aneurysm done in Nov 2011 everything went well and back to work after 2 weeks. I was just wondering if people have slight little throbbing and pinching

sensations in the actual area.. sometimes I get jabbing hedaches also in the area... was wondering if this is normal... it it still happening now but not as often now 2-3 weeks go by

until i get another jab or throb... any info would be helpful Thank You !

You went back to work 2 weeks later? Wow! My surgeon wanted me to have 4 weeks off before returning to work. I was still too weak to even trust myself to drive to the grocery store a couple of miles away 2 weeks after my clipping.

My clipping was in July 2011. I also have an unruptured AVM & have had 3 Gamma Knife radiation treatments for it. I still get migraines, just not as frequently as before the first GK and the clipping. Up until recently, I would occasionally have what I called my "Harry Potter pains." Some of my incision scar is visible on my forehead & sometimes I would get a really quick jabbing pain along the scar.

I had my clipping done on the right side in April 2012 and I still get sharp pains when I get a sudden fright...I'm still not allowed to drive (6mths - 1yr is legal requirement in NZ). I am back at work part-time but I am waiting for another operation to have clipping done on the left side later this year. I still have funny sensations over the scar area which the Neuro said will last for a long time....All part of the healing process.

Hi Renee. My left side cerebral clipping was done on 10-2011. I get minor pangs of pain and also very sharp type pains on both sides of my skull. At this point I am not sure what is normal to experience so long afterwards. I will be having my MRI followup in January for which I am nervous about what is causing the sharp pain. I had one last january when I had the migraines so they want to wait a full year. I also am curious to know what is "normal" post-op or if there are any answers to this problem.

Wow! Only 2 weeks?! I was off for 6 weeks before my surgeon would let me even try daily activities and even drive! That seems awfully fast…

I had pains for several weeks after my surgery - even now after 1-1/2 years i have a few tender spots, I think where the hardware is located. My scar was tender and sensitive even 6-9 months after surgery and I still have some of numbness on my head. It should get better with time as you heal.

Don’t push yourself too much too fast…give your self time to heal!

I also get migraines and the quality and distribution has changed since surgery. I get left sided facial and head numbness over the surgery area. My surgeon told me a full year to heal and could take up to 2 years to get my feeling back.