3 days to go till C day!

Well it's three days to go until I have my right ICA aneurysm clipped. I won't lie, it's on my mind 24/7. It's the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep. I keep having visions of myself freaking out just before they put me under and deciding not to go through with the surgery (had a bad MRI experience as I am very claustrophobic)! The other thing that is scaring me is what if something goes wrong and I wake up with serious neurological impairments, or what if I don't wake up at all? I still have that niggling doubt in the back of my mind ....... am I having a surgery that isn't 100% necessary? Many people go through life with undiscovered aneurysms that never cause them any harm and are only found at autopsy. What if I am one of them? Of course, once you know about an aneurysm it's not that easy to live with it.

I have seen three surgeons and I do believe I have chosen the right one, but I still don't feel like I have accepted the surgery. It is hard to voluntarily have such an invasive operation when you are not presently suffering in any way. I think if it was on any other part of my body it wouldn't be as bigger deal. Hopefully I will come around before the 10th.

I am hoping that others who have had unruptured clipping surgery could let me know if they experienced much pain immediately after and during the next few days and weeks in terms of headaches or any other pain? I really don't know what to expect other than what my surgeon has told me and he tends to make it sound like he's repairing a broken toe.

Oh Sweetie,

All the emotions and thoughts are normal. We have all experienced them! I can't tell you not to think about it or have the feelings that you have, they are a part of what we go through. (((hugs)))

I can tell you that when I woke up I did not have much pain at all, a little sore but pain I can honestly say I didn't have. The itching on my head during healing drives me more nuts..lol

Try to go into this with as positive an attitude as you can. Keep telling yourself that it's going to be alright!!!

All my thoughts and prayers


Kimberley, thanks for the kind words and prayers. I am glad you didn't experience much pain, hopefully I won't as well.

Best wishes


Wendy, I can truly understand what you are going through. I had an aneurysm resting on the optic nerve of my left eye… but had no vision problems… was detected through routine annual eye exam. I had to wait for over 2 months for the surgery date. I had a clipping done on 4/20, I was in ICU one night and in regular room one night and then sent home on Good Friday. I had no severe pain and few headaches when I went home. I did feel tired a lot and I didn’t expect my face to be so swollen and bruised but all in all I looked good. Just keep thinking positive thoughts, you may have some lasting affects (I have some vision loss) but it’s a whole lot better than the alternative! My prayers and thoughts will be with you… stay calm.

Thanks Arleen, you have definitely made me feel less apprehensive about the surgery. I am glad you had such a speedy recovery and hope you are continuing to do well.

Best wishes



Gotcha in my Thoughts and Prayers...!

Big Big Hugs colleen


Good luck - it sounds as if you did your homework and made a sound choice. I have not had either, so I don't have advice for you - I am having coiling and a stent soon.

Sending thoughts and prayers your way - let us know how you are doing.



I COULD have written this! LIKE YOU, waiting, and fantasizing, about well maybe not showing up, or maybe I don't need this, its calcified, alot of it, probably has been there for years, is this totally absolutely necessary? I THINK the coiling, what if he misses, and I stroke, what if the coil doesn't work, stent or no stent, he thinks not, neck is small, what if he is wrong? OMG, I so identify with you. I am sure my doctor and his NP think I am insane, maybe I am.........grrrrrrr I don't know what to expect either.

I am being done the 11th at MGH, Ogilvy

What about you?


Cynthia, I read your note after reading Wendy's concerns. I, too, had Dr. Ogilvy for my clipping back in April 20 . The surgery was rather non-eventful UNTIL 5 weeks later when I felt really lousy.. this ended up with a return to the ER on 5/27 for emergency surgery (a craniectomy) to clean out the previous surgical area; I had contracted a staph infection at the site of the incision. This only happens to about 1% of those having a craniotomy. I was in MGH for 5 days as they grew the cultures to understand better what type of staph to treat. I then went on HOME IV for 6 weeks and oral antibiotics for another four. During the craniectomy they needed to throw away my bone flap for it was infected. SO now I await another surgery in Feb or March 2012 to replace it with a prosthetic bone piece. Throughout it all Dr. Ogilvy and Dede Buckey have been fabulous in working with me.

A number of Ogilvy's residents have also checked up on me for they were so concerned with the infection. Ogilvy also clipped one of my friend's annies 13 years ago.

Keep positive thoughts!

Cynthia, I live in Australia so am having my operation at MUH with Prof Michael Morgan. I suffer with terrible migraines and have had one for the past 24hrs that won’t settle down. I have contacted the hospital as I am meant to be admitted today for the surgery tomorrow. Ironically, I am not sure if I am going to be able to go ahead now.

You will do fine. I’m sure of it.

Thanks Arleen, wow, that staph, UGHHH, I am sorry that happened to you. My son had a crainiotomy to remove a brain tumor 11 years ago, too, at MGH. Who would have thought! I am sure your new ‘head piece’ is going to be beautifu and natural!! Yeah, DeDe is a sweetheart, she promised she would be there w/me, and everyone raves about Oglivy. Did they ever find out why the staph came???


BIG HUGS, I am sorry you have these migraines, and hopefully they can sort thru this, as to why you won't have your surgery???

First, my curiosity...what symptoms brought about your diagnosis before a rupture?

After my initial emergency, from syncope, and fractured shoulder...my PCP had an EEG done which confirmed what I and my niece told her...that I did not have seizures. On the third emergency, 29 days later, I had a qualified emergency doctor who did a basic CT of my head. So, I have little confidence in telling anyone to wait for one of the published symptoms...especially the thunder clap headache...

Apx five years prior, I was involved in two MVAs...the headaches began along with memory lapses...I was considered (diagnosed?) a menopausal woman...finally, apx 18 months before the initial emergency, I agreed to try paxil...I still wonder if it delayed or adanced prgression of one aneurysm...which was diagnosed as only 6 mm when it ruptured. Before the MVAs, I did not even own aspirin let alone pHarm pills. However, following the second MVA, the PCP put me on xanax and referrd me to a psychiatrist...not the same PCP...but same clinic...

I highly encourage (and, envy?) you to feel privileged in having a qualified md who cared enough to diagnosis before rupture.

Many wishes and prayers for your making an appropriate decision with qualified doctors and know that you have been blessed with early diagnosis.


Cynthia, all I was told about the staph was that it happened in the operating room.. could have been unsterilized equipment, a hair follicle, something in the air .... According to Ogilvy MGH

has put a lot of emphasis into preventing the infections but I was the unlucky one. Fortunately I was taken care of in the ER before the infection became catastrophic. I hope everything went well for your son years ago and I'm sure you will be just fine as well. Remember to think only positive thoughts!

Hi, Wendy,

Just wanted to let you know we are all thinking of you - let us know how you are when you can.