Operation date - update

I just wanted to say a really big thnk you to one and all for their comments and their best wishes, my operation date has now moved forward one day so I will be going in in Thursday now instead of Friday, I thank you all for your preayers, Jill xxxx

Hello Jill,

Another two brits here we live in Bedfordshire but lived in Cheshunt most of our lives. I am caring for my wife Sue at the present, she had an SAH last August and was treated in Addensbrooke Cambridge fantastic hospital she was in there five weeks,she has slight visual probelms in one eye, short term memory loss and has one aneurysm they are monitoring. Only just read your profile, so have you got to go back into hospital only you had your coiling done early part of the year, hope everything goes well for you Thursday. Best Wishes john & Sue

Thinking about you Gill and saying prayers...~ Colleen

Hi John, I had my coiling done after having SAH in February 2011 when they also found a 2nd aneurysm which they are operating on this time, coiling and stent a very stressful time for us all, I wish your wife well and thank you for your best wishes, it is nice to hear from others in the Uk, I live near Lakeside Shopping Centre in Thurrock and am being treated at Queen's Hospital in Romford and cannot fault the medical staff there. Thanks again for your best wishes, Jill xxxxxx

Thanks Sue. luv and prayers to you also, Jill xxxx

Thanks Colleen, prayers for you also xxxxxxx

Hi Jill-

I don't know if I'll be on the site tomorrow so want to make sure to send prayers and positive thoughts your way for your surgery. I'll be thinking of you on Thursday and look forward to hearing that all went well for you and you're on the road to a full recovery!!


Hi Gill

Hope everything goes well I’m sure it will I just got my date 16th may there going to coil using a balloon but might still need to put a stent so iv to do the medication thing one week before you will be in all of our prayers .

Thanks Jimmy

Hi Gill,

Best wishes for tomorrow and look forward to hearing from you on BAF soon.

Hi Lisa, thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts, I will be back as soon as is possible to give all those who have supported me an update, and there are many, I could not have done the last year without my friends at BAF, Luv and hugs to you, Jill xxxxxxxx

Thanks Jimmy, I wish you lots and lots of luck for your procedure also, I am sure I will be back on here and will be able to wish you luck before your date in May, I hope so any way, the medication isn't so bad and I hope all goes well for you, thank you for your prayers, Jill xxxxxx

Thank you John, this site and the people on it have been such a God send to me in the last year I am truly blessed to have met some really lovely people, thank your for your best wishes and I will be back (in the words of Arnie) as soon as possible, Jill xxxxxx

wishing the very best...I will be sure to say extra prayers for you and your team.