Surgery scheduled for Sept 5

Hi everyone,

After waiting a month, the surgery is finally almost here. I will be undergoing a clip procedure for 3 MCA aneurysms in just over a week. I will need a coil procedure in the future as I have 2 annies on the right side as well. Wow, it seems weird to even type that sentence. It would have been inconceivable a few short months ago.

My emotions fluctuate between serenity and anxiety. My good days are when I have time to pop on the BAF forums and get strength from all of you. The success stories and the kind words have really buoyed my spirit.

Thanks so much for your support.


Best Wishes for a speedy recovery and God Bless

aww Sal~~extra prayers for you and your team! Hang in there, praying now for strength, fortitude and success~

Praying for you Sal; I just had the pipeline embolization device placed in July for my aneurysm. It’s amazing how already mentally I am moving past the aneurysm and it has only been 6 weeks since my surgery-back to living:) I will be praying for you…I just kept telling myself, “I just have to go to sleep” before my surgery. I wish you well!! You can do this!!! You have way more strength than you possibly know.

Sending positive thoughts to you for your surgery! It will feel great to have it behind you very soon :slight_smile:

Hi Karen,

Yes!!! Thank you so much for the positive thoughts. There will be a huge sense of relief in the recovery room. I'll post in the forums when I can

Blessings Sal

Thinking of you today - looking forward to hearing from you after the procedure. Donna

Sal~~ wanted you to know we are still here thinking of you and praying now for escalated healing~~