Operation date

I finally have my operation date looks like I will be joining you Lisa and Paula, the hospital called me yesterday with an appointment for the 20th April, I have to start taking my Plavix and Aspirin on the Monday and present at the hospital at 7.30 on the day, I am sure we will all be praying for each other, I am both nervous and excited to get this all finally sorted, have a good day everyone, xxxxxxxx

Prayers for you Gill and everyone else scheduled this month!!!!! I pray you all have the best of outcomes for your surgeries and your recoveries!!!

Wonderful news Gill...you can finally get this journey going...You have my prayers ~ Colleen

Thanks Paula, there isn't a day goes by when I don't thank the Lord that I am able to come on this site I have met some amazing people here, thoughts and prayers for everyone facing this and other operations Jill xxxxxx

Thank you Tera, it is such a blessing to know people are thinking of you, prayers and hugs to you also, Jill xxxxxx

Thanks Colleen, it does seem like the end to a very long journey, and your prayers are appreciated, prayers to you too, Jill xxxxxxxxx

Gill, definitely prayers for you all undergoing treatment...and, look forward to wonderful results for aeach of you.

Hugs across the ocean...


I'm so glad you have a date Gill. Yes, April is a bz annie month! I too will be glad when it is done...the waiting is the hardest part but at least it's not too far away now. I will be thinking of all of us who are going thru this during that time! Prayers and hugs!!


Hi Gill from Italy.

I'm sure everything will be fine with your operation .........good luck , take care and keep us posted.


Prayers & special thoughts to all having their procedures done. Anxiety will be there but mine increased the last week moreso because I just wanted it done and over. My waiting period was almost 2 months, but I did come to terms with whatever was to be will be. It gave me some peace. Best wishes.

willl be praying that everything goes welll for you and the others!