Decision has been made. Now just waiting on the date

Well, I must say I have been very lucky to have so many doctors look into my case. At first I thought no to coiling, but as it turns out clipping can be very risky for me. They feel the coiling is the best way to go. They said there is a lot of nerves around the aneurysm and it is very close to my pituitary gland. They feel it isn't wroth the risk of causing possible permanent damage. So we are moving forward with coiling. I want to thank everyone on here that have shared their stories and have giving heartfelt advice.

God Bless..

(((Shayhug)))...Gosh I know this has been so tough on you...we are here for you...and the closer you get to the day of surgery (coiling)...the more you can be done and heal...and move on...God Bless you too...sending out a prayer for you now...Remember what someone told me when I first came to BAF..."We survivors are tough SOB's"...You hang in there, we are all here for YOU....Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ colleen

Shay....thank you...thank you...the docs are coming forward w/info on any anatomy impact potentials...

i.e. the pituitary...and, the cranial nerves...So hope you will ask them about the limbic system structures including the hippocampus...

Prayers for your successes...


Best of luck with the coiling. Do you have a surgery date yet?


Glory to God Shayhug for revealing His Wisdom to the doctors and for finalizing the course of treatment specifically designed for YOU! This group is amazing with ALL the support and the sharing of personal stories that helps us all :))! Hang in there and know better days are on their way!


I'm glad to hear you've made your decision...and it sounds like you've got a group of honest Doctors in your corner..Let us know when your surgery will be,

Peace, Janet

Just got the call. My coiling date is June 27th. Everything is going so fast but I know it is for the best.

I want to thank everyone for all the support and prayers.

God Bless..

Wishing you the best possible outcome, shayhug! Keep us posted.