One year check up was PERFECT!

I just returned from Johns Hopkins, Balt.from my 1 year check up. As with my 6 month PED check up, my aneurysm is gone. The blood vessels are PERFECT and I never, ever, even in a million years have to go back. Down to a baby aspirin.I had my large 9 mm wide neck inoperatable anuerysm for 8 years until the PED was excepted in the US from Europe. Those wonderful words, "The PED Worked and MY Anuerysm is GONE". Thank you for all your kind words. I feel awful now, my iodine allergy and the angio, was a bit tough this go around. I will rest for a week.(though they say a few days, I take medical advice from my dog)..If anyone needs anything, you can count on me. xoxo Denise

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Tears of Joy Denise...and a big Whoop Whoop and Congratulations on the good news...

I that body and the groin ... and know for one...I am so happy for you...~ cyber~hugs ~ Colleen

OMG Denise that is absolutely the most wonderful news. You don't ever have to go back!!!!!! You are one lucky girl. God Bless you and God Bless Dr Coon!!!!! Soooooooooo Happpppppy for you!!!! Lucy

Denise, that is the most awesome thing I’ve heard today! Great news!

How awesome is that ! get better from the iodine allergy and celebrate !!! So glad to hear your news !

Peace, Janet