The Positives of PED?

I thought I would ask for some positive experiences after having PED. I am one who dwells on the negative and was hoping to hear some good news.

My aneurysm is gone, I no longer have a giant time bomb in my head, my recovery was quick, I feel better than before, and I am alive. I am grateful it was found in time. You have to view this as a blessing and feel fortunate for every new day you are given after the procedure.

Hi, Stephanie! From what I can tell (I've been absent from the page lately), you are scheduled for a surgery next month. My 6-month check-up is next month, and I expect GREAT news. The PED surgery has been the most amazing response to one of the scariest moments of my life. It was so easy. Most days, I find it easy to forget I ever went through such turmoil upon the discovery of my aneurysm. It will go well. The recovery was no problem--just take it easy for a few days--and the follow-up care requires next to no thought. Best wishes!!!

Thanks Heidi. I appreciate your thoughts. I am not trying to sugar coat it, but I am one who needs to pushed to see the positive:)

Thank for your positive comments! I really needed to hear that. I now just want this whole thing to be over. I am still going for a second opinion, but I am 99.9% positive PED is the answer for me, regardless of what the other surgeon says. I just need to hear it though. Thanks again:)

Hi Stephanie, I had my rupture on february, 2009, first coiled and one year later I received the PED.

Sincero january, 2010 I had several control with Rm and angio, the last one was in september,2011 and the doctor said my annie is gone, and no need of further control ( I do prefer in any case to’ have it’ every year).
Up to now mine is a success story of Ped application.
I wish you the same, godo luck from ITALY.

Thanks Giovanni. I love having good luck sent from around the world!!


The best positives of PED? When my surgeon, at my 6 month angio, leaned over that bed and said that my annie was fully occluded! Can't get any better than that!


I needed to read this tonight! Thanks for the positive info :slight_smile:


I’m 6 months out, angio scheduled for August 18, it was July 30th but I will be out of the country.had an angio at almost 3 months out and Annie wasvjust about gone. So I expect at angio mine will be fully healed. I feel great!!! You will do great!!!

Awesome! It is so refreshing to your your blog. I hope to have the same outcome

Well, I am 2 mths out and doing great!! I actually have less headaches now then I had prior to my procedure. I have been able to meet some wonderful people. I am so grateful for all the encouragement and took the example and have been able to pay it forward. It has turned out to be an amazing experience. I SO appreciate my family, my friends (old and new), and being able to move forward in life:)

I feel the same way…have some ups and downs…but overall very thankful for each day and the love and support i have received here and from family!

I have PED scheduled for August 2 @ UT Southwestern in Dallas. It so refreshing to ready everyone positive's results. Praying these will be last 2 surgeries. I thought I was only one cursed with a 3 and 4 surgery. I thought after my clipping in 2007 & 2009 never imagined my annies would be back. My annies grew around and outside the clipped area. Has this happened to anyone else?

I am almost three most post ped surgery. I feel very good…very few headsches, except allergy related ones. My stomach does not like the aspirin…but i can live with that! Im very happy i had it done. Follow up in October. Two weeks after surgery had ct done snd he ssid it eas alteady shrinking. I am very hopeful at 6 months it will be gone!!!