I want to hear those words

I want to hear "your aneurysm is gone". I will go in Wednesday for my 6 month check up. Dec 12 to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.My angio and PED prodedures have been a walk in the park. The only thing is lack of sleep.Plan to sleep for 2 days and then praise God and this beautiful universe.

Fingers crossed for you, Denise. I'm soooo with you in spirit. And, make sure to tell good ole Barb that you're there and they'll have you move to the inner waiting room for Dr. Coon instead of waiting in the outer lobby where they forget you're there. Hugs & Love to ya!

I have finally, "heard those words", "your aneurysm is completely gone:" The third procedure and it was also a walk in the park. I have to be premedicated for horrible iodine allergy, and given adivan for my nerves, so I am a bit red. But resting and smiling.No headaches. I was awake during the whole procedure and saw

the artery, the sweet artery!No more plavix.(thankful I will not look like an abused soccer player)

LOVE and LUCK to all. Next angio in one year.I will keep watch to help anyone with any questions or thoughts. They are working on new devices and starting studies for those who in the past do not fit into any of these catagories. BTW, my dr. is the BEST IN THE WORLD in my opinion and really cute!

I agree best in the world, and really cute and totally awesome.

Lucy..Anxiety is the worst of the whole procedure and the aneurysm. I cant go to get glasses without thinking some crazy thoughts like" gosh I hope they dont poke my eye out"..it aweful. lol.Every pain, every eye flash, every ear ache, every sneeze is a major mind game for me. But I am am learning that I live through each experience...so far. hugs Lucy.

Thanks Denise. How long has it been for you?

I had my Ped in jun 2012, but I lived with my aneurysm for allmost 10 years because it was a very large wideneck and in an inoperatable place. So when the PED was brought to the US, after a year..I went to Hopkins and here I am. I go back in jun for my 1 year angio. Other than my iodine allegy the procedures have be ok. My cataract surgery was more painful and more of a bother.How did you end up with our VERY sweet, dr.coon? How are you Lucy?(this site jumps around a bit, and often you cant find your most recent updates).sincerely, Denise

Hello Denise,

How have you been feeling after almost a year from your PED done in June 2012? Are you symptom free? Do you ever get back to normal? I had my placed on Jan 2013 and my 6 months are up this July with my angio awaiting me the same month. Then, I have 2 aneurysms more that needs to be treated.


I think I am normal, lol. The stress takes too much out of you I think. My eyes are a little wierd sometimes, but I have always had aura w/o migraines. The sparkles I see scare me sometimes. I have neuropathy in my feet and I think other places and I am not researching it too much because it all to too much for me. I try and keep busy w/ yoga and walking. Life is overwhelming alot for everyone, dont you think? In jun when I go back I think I will be good.How about you?

My daughter found Dr Coon and I must say it was the very best thing that could have happened. I am very nervous wondering what this aneurysm of mine is doing. Is it getting bigger, is it getting smaller just the unknown making me anxious.My email is ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ if you want to email me. I am not very good at finding this site.


Seeing Dr. Coon on Monday. Reassuring to hear your procedure wasn't

that bad. Hoping for the best

oh Lily , Dr. Coon is the best. After you appt. Monday, I can see you words now! and a big plus is he is sooooooo cute! lol. By far the smartest man in the world.My only questions would be to ask about recommending a great neurologist for you, because after all he is a surgeon. After your surgery, there are things you may want to follow up with a neurologist that is familiar with this procedure, and see him before the procedure. Best of luck. I have plenty of advice once you make a choice. My sincere care and love and thoughts dear Lily.

Denise do you have a neurologist in the Baltimore area? Lucy

lol, on the neruologist! been through about 6, I have neurpathy in my feet also. So I think its just too much for them. They are thinkers not doers. just my opinion.All they want to do in nerve test, ( they little hurters!) I do live in "the country"..st. marys county md", but my two worst experences were at Hopkins. I am going to ask C, next week.