No warning

i passed out while pumpng gas w/ no warning. luckily another person was there who saw me drop, called 911. has CPR as i had no pulsse. rushed to hosp and was in intensive care x3 -1/2weeks. has coil proceedure done. recovering very well. main deficit is that one eye is crooked and i see double but Dr sees improvment, aneuysm occurred 2 -1/2months ago. Also easily fatigued as this website discusses. I thought it was just me

Again Welcome Van...and continued healing thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Hi Van

Wow, thank God someone saw what was happening & called 911--Its intense what some of us have expeieinced seemingly at 'the drop of a hat', even more amazing that we're here to talk about it! I went thru complete double vision after my 1st aneurysm in 1998 as my 3rd optic nerve was severed by my growing aneurysm...this was probably the hardest part about healing for me, but gradually (4 to 5 months of gradually) I finally regained the use of both eyes open at once, my crooked eye finally came back to normal and I even looked okay again! my eyesight was just as bad as it had been before the aneurysm was a known factor (but my eyesight wasn't any worse for all I'd gone thru either) . you are rather early in the healing process...its truly a wonder what the body can do for itself , but its related to the clock slowly ticking by, resting, etc. The double vision was by far the most disconcerting thing to have to deal with (constantly having to squint, looking out of only the 'good eye' but impossible to have both eyes open at once, and then my appearance freaked me out--I was concerned i'd never look okay again) Your Doc thinks there is an improvement to your double vision, do you notice any improvements? I'm not certain I did at 2 or 3 months post surgery, but I did by 4 months post-op . peace to you as you go thru this journey, it sure isn't an easy one ! Janet

hi Van! So Glad you're here as it has helped me so much. Fatigue is inevitable it seems and my heart goes out to all in this regard, I hope and pray for your improvement in all areas. Take care of yourself- now its especially important~

Hi janet, sorry it's been so long for a reply., but I thank you for sharing your story and for your encouragement. It's been 6 months now and my eyes have improved (from "40-25" referring to prism rx) I can't tell really.. I just got new prisms from a neuro opth and it's an adjustment. I had been seeing a optometrist who specialized in neuro, who gave me exercises and a prism with tape patch on the inner part of my glasses lens. the neuro-opthalmologist doesn't believe in exercises or patching. Did you have prisms to wear? it's a bit fuzzy and kinda fishbowl, but I see single! I still close one eye to really focus on something. dr's tell me it could take a year, which means no driving or work. trying to be patient. I know what you mean about your appearance, I feel like I look doofy. at least with the tape you couldn't see my eye. I can just imagine how happy you must've been when you could see normal again!! looking forward to that. thanks again, van

Hi Van! fatigue is VERY common with lots of us. I had my clipping in Dec 2013. I am still going to bed early by 9 pm I could just go to bed. I usually force my self to stay up until about 1030. Otherwise I will be up at 5. Have you noticed any other issues? Noise is a problem for me and many others. I always carry earplugs just in case. This is a great site to get lots of information and "talking"


Van Hello !!

I'd been wondering what became of you! glad to hear back from you for sure. No i never even went back to the eye doc after my surgery, it was weird but i never even asked my neurosurgeoun about the double vision and I honestly just hoped to hell my eyes would

come back' in time, and my God they did ! so no, i didn't use any prism glasses..i squinted alot though, have more wrinkle/lines on my left eye area now as opposed to my right side but hey i'll live with that! my biggest thing was being able to see in order to drive again, i was happy when that happend!

hope to hear back from you, take care Van! Peace, Janet