Hi everyone, i made it, one week after surgery


This ismy first time I'm able to read and write a little. My worst fear did come true. Icoul not see when I woke up, legally blind in both eyes now. That's made my progresion in recovery harder I think. The uncertaintly of whill I be able to see in two days, two weeks??? My optic nerve did have to be maniputlated so there was a risk.

I came home Sunday so it was a long one and like nothing I could have imagined right??? Unless you've had major surgery how would you know? So so much pain and discomfort and little complications to overcome each day.

My roommate helped a lot with her positive attitude...more later.

Today, around nine am, after careffully stretching and opening and shutting my eye each day, my left eye opened enough that with my glasses and magnifying glass I can see a slim line at the bottom of my eye. I'm sooooooo excited and relieved, but not fully, it can still go bad. Time will tell.

I was worried about Michele Iaconelli so I wanted to see if she posted and wanted to write something about how I was doing. I will be back when I'm able to and thank you all so much for all yourprayers, thoughts, and kind encouraging words.

Talk to you all again soon,


Jeanine it’s good to hear from you. Take everything easy and don’t forget to breathe! Glad your home, recovering and in good spirits!

Hi Jeanine, so happy to hear from you! Sorry you’re dealing with some complications. Thoughts and prayers are with you… Hang in there. I’ll be sending you lots of positive energy for your recovery.

hi Jeanine! positive thoughts and prayers for you~

I was thinking about you and glad to see you posted and are recovering. As we all know, recovery is slow but you made it and are on your way. Already your sight is making its way and I’m hopeful for you it will continue to improve day by day. The surgery is behind you now so first of all be proud of yourself for pushing past your doubts and fears. I think it really was a major thing to do and for that matter a brave thing to do and shows you are much stronger than you were giving yourself credit for. Now of course is the healing and I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and wish you the best with your recovery. Stay strong and keep us posted on how you’re doing!

Wishing you continued improvement with your vision, Jeannine. I am glad your roommate is being supportive. Rest yourself, and be good to yourself. Thank you for updating us.

Jeannine, so glad to hear you are on the "other side". Just take it easy and lots of rest. We are thinking of you and are hopeful that you will regain vision - a month from now you will feel so much better. In the meantime, take it slow. Take care,


So glad to hear from you. Don't despair. This type of surgery demands day by day healing. May the little daily victories carry you through.