Here to give hope...had my coiling a month ago

Hi all,

I joined this forum when I found out about my 6mm aneurysm (behind my left eye). I have found so much support throughout this website and I am grateful for that. I am here to share my experience with surgery in hopes I can help others. I know how scary the whole process can be before and after. I am here for anyone who has any questions.

My surgery was on July 23, approximately 1 month ago. My doctor recommended I have the surgery vs. "wait and watch" but said the decision was completely up to me. It was a tough choice but after weighing all the options I decided that prevention is worth more than any treatment (especially in this case). Going into surgery I was beyond nervous, but as weird as it sounds, I think my family was more nervous than me and I didn't want to add to that.

My neurosurgeon was amazing and was very comforting. Looking back I really did have to trust the guy with my life (important to consider when looking for the right doctor).

Prior to surgery I thought of every horrible end result I could think of. This did nothing but add extra unnecessary worry to the situation. It would have been much better for me if I had just kept on praying and believed everything was going to be just fine.

So, I got my IV's put in (which was the worst part of the ENTIRE process). I guess I have bad veins so it was pretty painful. After that I got wheeled into the operating room and met with my neurosurgeon again. He was very comforting and the whole operating staff was great! I layed down and before I knew it I was in "la la land" which I must say was the best part of the process haha! My surgery was only an hour and a half. The nurse woke me up and I was being wheeled to recovery. I was still a little out of it but I remembered everything. I even remember saying, "oh good! I made it" the nurse laughed and said, "why were you expecting something we weren't aware of?" My main concern when waking up was that I still had vision in my left eye. Once I got to my room I met my family who were so happy to see me!

As I woke up more I had a 5 minute visual disturbance. I saw zig zag lines and my eye seemed blurry. After 5 minutes everything was perfect and back to normal (thank God!). I stayed in the hospital overnight and was discharged the next day. I took it very easy afterward. I woke up with very bad headaches for the first week. After that, I was fine and back to the old me!

I am lucky and grateful for such a wonderful recovery. I hope my story can help at least one person out there who is going through this.

Best wishes to all and if anyone has any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me.

Jen :)

GREAT!! jen thank you for sharing! I wish we could keep this on top of the

"pile"Yes the waiting and iv was the worse part, keeping you in thoughts and prayers for extra strength and healing. Take care, no smoking etc etc etc try to keep blood pressire down, did they give restrictions?

Jen - thank you so much for posting this. I really needed to read the step by step process. I can't wait till they knock me will for sure be the best part for me too! I have the procedure done at 6 am this Weds morning...ugh...and I must admit...I am starting to feel anxious. I feel like the scarecrow going before the great and wonderful Oz...asking for a new brain! LOL.

Thanks restrictions other than taking it easy, which I have mastered haha.

Amy- You will do great!! The best part is when surgery is over you have the weight of the world off your shoulders! Everything will be fine and before you know it it will be behind you! Best wishes!

Well done, Jen!

Good to hear a nice positive story where things go smoothly! I hope your coils take well and do their job! Good luck!


Hi Jen...Thank you for sharing a positive and inspiring story...I so wish and pray it could go this good for everyone...continue healing thoughts your way ~ Colleen

So happ y to hear your coiling went so well! I will pray for continued healing!

Jen this is wonderful news and thank you for posting your story, made me smile (I like the analogy of the scarecrow --Lol) Peace to you as you continue healing , Janet

thank you so much for you story....I have my surgery set for Sept 4th for an annie (5mm) behind my left eye! I am nervous, of course, but hanging in there. Did they give you something to calm your nerves while getting prepped for the surgery? What did you do for the headaches? Were you in a lot of pain afterwards? How soon did you go back to work? Sorry about all the questions! Your story has helped a lot and thank you! Jeannie

I think I got a sedative before the procedure. No pain except headaches after. Tylenol is all I can take due to Plavix. I had 5 procedures in 25 days and it wasn't that bad except lying flat for hours and the headaches.

thanks for your response! I, too, will be on Plavix and continue my full asprin therapy. I have had Pulmonary Embolisms in the past and I am concerned about that.

Good luck Jeannie! Stay positive! :) You will do just great! When I got wheeled into surgery they gave me something that calmed me down quickly. You aren't awake in the surgery room long enough to worry, trust me! When I was in the hospital and had the headaches they offered me percocets which did not help. When I got home I was able to take Excedrin which was a God sent to me! The only pain I had after surgery were the nagging headaches for the first week and a little bit of pain in my groin area where they did the procedure. The pain wasn't much, it was just a little tender but it goes away after 3 days. I honestly could have gone back to work 2 weeks after surgery. I felt great but considering my job is very active and I wanted to be 1000% okay, I took a month off from work. I was lucky I was able to take that much time off. I go back Monday and am very grateful everything worked out and I am able to go back :)

No problem, I am glad I was able to help! Best wishes!!

Jen :)