No go on the coiling

Hello everyone, I had the angiogram yesterday and the doctor was unable to coil the aneurysm. He is supposed to go over everything with me tomorrow so will know more. He did say though that this is a very difficult aneurysm to get to, so I'm not sure what he is going to say tomorrow. I had a drastic drop in blood pressure yesterday during the angio, I thought I was a goner, but recovered quickly, the doctor quickly did the stoke assessment and all ok, don't know what that was all about, has anyone else had that happen to them during the angio...actually very similar to what I have been saying all along lately about the drop sensations I have been having, except this one was more intense...I also saw the lighting bolts, has anyone else seen the storm? Well, that's it for now folks.

Oh Sheree I am had to go through all of this only to find out you can't be is good that your Surgeon new enough to not try something that wouldn't work...~ will keep you in my prayers as to what Doc will tell you tommorrow...Gotcha in my prayers ~ Colleen

Hi Sheree,

I, too. am sorry that you had to go through such an anxiety provoking experience. Thanks be to God that your stroke assessment shows that all is okay. What does your primary care physician say about these drops in your blood pressure?

When I had an angiogram earlier this year, I also saw lightning bolts. My neurosurgeon, neurologist and opthamologist all assured me that I shouldn't worry about this. So, I've put it out of my mind until now. :-)

I will pray that you get a reassuring report tomorrow and a treatment plan that you can take for a second opinion.

May God bless you.


Thanks everyone...What do they do if they deem the surgery more risky than clipping it? Do they just wait until it ruptures than go in, after the risk is justified?


If that’s what you are told please get additional opinions.

May God guide you and bless you with a competent and caring medical team.


Thanks jo, you were actually the one that caught my eye on the web site the first time I came on. i was in the hospital alone at night and searching for answers from the many questions that flooded my mind...I watched your blog daily and you were just going in for the stent and coiling and it gave me insight and inspiration that I could do it too if need be. After reading the forum, I thought all the way up to the day in the prep room that I would be asleep for the procedure, but was quickly informed by the doctor that I was going to be awake even if he decided to do the coiling!!!! That was an anxious moment for me, but I got through it with help of something they gave me once, lasted only a few minutes and then another one, it helped...don't know what it was, I was out of there in 40 minutes. But yes, he could not coil it and he said mine is a little different because my vessels are a little different and also the aneurysm itself is a hard to reach one. So Miami here I come...tentatively set for May 9th. My sister lives there so it's good that I can go stay with her for a couple weeks after the surgery before coming back home to Orlando.

I'm sorry that you had you to go through this Im praying for you

Thanks Bernadette for your prayers, since this post a lot has happened. They are sending me to Miami Fl for the clipping procedure, because of the location of the I'm in the process of planning this trip, getting home in order and making travel arrangements and so on. tentatively set for May 9th. Keep your prayers coming!!!

Sending you lots of prayers Sheree


May God bless you with his healing power,