New vibration

i was laying down last night and i started to buz or vibrate like i mentioned in another post and i freaked out, my lips vibrated and the inside of my head. it was scary have no idea what that was, i was thinking epilepsy, any ideas? This was a super stronge buz or vibration.

Hi Laurie...since you are having so many medical problems and you have been post op 2 years...may I suggest you see your primary physcian and let him/her know all of your symptoms and let them decide or do tests to see what is going on...only a Doctor can decide on epilepsy and other medical conditions...please call soon...I think you need to be seen since you have daily new symptoms...Hope this helps...Colleen

See your MD...and, make a list of dates / time and location of where you sense/feel it...

Best to you...please do not wait to get in to your md...


everytime i go somewhere they tell me i’m fine good luck theres nothing they can do for me. So i take it as this is how i am the new norm but i will look into this vibration you can bet on that. one dr told me i buzz because of anxiety and i dont accept that because this buzz was different. i had a eeg done and was told inconclusive because i was talking. My primary isnt much help so im finding a new one and a new neurologist also. I wonder if that vibration was something fusing back together.


Best of luck on finding a new one; before ruptures, my PCP finally convinced me I was an anxiety ridden depressed menopuasal woman; I could only survive daily on half a pHarma pill...paxil

Please make your list of , time, the brain area you feel/sense it... any other symptoms, any activities' time frame; i.e. waking/arising; initially lying down, or bending over, etc.

Do you know if the area is where your aneurysm(s) is/was? You may have told all of this earlier...and my memory has grown limitedly, so please excuse me if I did forget one more time!

I cannot imagine how you were talking during your EEG...if you were, why it was not stopped for them to explain to you to not do it, and start over or re-schedule; some things make me wonder...

Best wishes in finding caring health care providers...



You mention you were laying down. How close was your head to a electric device like a alarm or radio clock or a craddled portable phone?


I wish I had an idea for you, I think that it's good that your searching for new doctor's if your's can not seem to be able to help. I hope that you get the answers you need. Thoughts and Prayers!



across the room, but i noticed today when i put eye make up on i dont feel the sensation on the top of my head so maybe its healing or something.

neuroligist are way different than neurosurgeons,,,, maybe you should contact the neurosurgeon that did the surgery and let him/her know of all the issues you have been having! If you need Mra/Mri done the neuroradioligist and neurosurgeons are the ones that will give the answers for those tests. hope this helps you ,,, Julie in Delaware