First post rupture/coiling EEG

Does anyone know what it means if there are sharp waves on the left side of the brain from an EEG test?

My Neurologist said he is not worried about it but that it 'could' mean seizure although I have no symptoms and never had one in my life.

Has anyone else had any abnormalities in their EEG post rupture? Should I be worried about this?

I have been recovering very well and only have some minor complaints; it has been 3 months since the incident.

Any help and input is appreciated.

Thanks for reading :-)


I wish I could be of help to you Beata...I had one seizure since my coiling...and Doctors feel it was an isolated incident to a medication...Do they have you one seizure meds? Continued healing thoughts out to you ~ Colleen


EEG can also be utilized in the form of EEG Neurofeedback to help the brain recognize these sharp spikes and help it retrain itself to minimize these seizure spikes. You want to make sure that these spikes don't translate into pain such as migraines.


Thanks for the input; I have an appointment with my neurosurgeon Monday and hopefully will get more info :-)

Thanks Colleen; no - I am not on anti seizure meds anymore; I only took them for a month after I was discharged from the hospital. I have an appointment with my neurosurgeon Monday so hopefully I will get a better answer then. Thanks for your kind words; as always I send the healing peaceful thoughts and vibes back to you too! :-) TGIF!

thanks for the feedback; I have an appointment with my neurosurgeon on Monday and am hoping to get better answers then :-)

well as much as I would love to offer an opinion on the subject beata , I dont really have anything to offer as I have never had a seizure or anything . Good luck with your inquiry hun

Thanks :-) I'll let you know; I have an appointment with neurosurgeon Monday and sometime soon I want to go back to my original neurologist too :-) TGIF; hope you have a great weekend :-)

My neurosurgeon said this result is very typical after a rupture. I will be following up with the neurologist as well. I'd like to understand more of what it means and what; if anything, to expect. Thanks everyone :-)