i asked a similar question but anyhow, where is this vibration coming from that i feel? Some tell me its anxiety and some say its neurological and im yet to get it tooken care of.

vibration where specifically? did u have an angiogram coiling?

from head to toe, i had a clipping. Back in feb i saw my surgeon and he said he wasnt concerned with the latest ct.

i had a coiling thru my angiogram…n sometimes feel a vibrating feeling n my leg but the dr said its nothing,just part of the healing process…i would give it some more time, ur still n the healing/recovery process…n ask ur reg dr for some anxiety medicine…not n antidepressant but anxiety…xanax,ativan…it will def help…keepin u n my prayers sweety n keep positive n stay strong…it’ll get better…:wink: love n prayers coming ur way!

Hmm??? I hope you get answers ... I have the dizzy part...but no vibration...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen