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I was busy packing to go camping. Bent down to pull things out of the bottom of a freezer, when I stood back up, it felt like I really pulled a muscle in the back of my neck. Then my hearing in both ears went muffled then the pain like no other in my head. My husband call 911 and I vomited all the way to the hospital where the got an iv in and gave me something to stop the nausea and morphine for pain. I have no recollection of the next 3 days,but my husband tells me they could not operate for those days due to blood and swelling. They successfully clipped the rupture. That was just over a month ago. I’m still fatigued, get headaches every day and my vision is distorted, but I’m walking, talking ( making sense) and grateful to even be here to hug my 7 and 5 year old boys to sleep every night! These headaches are so frustrating, but I am assuming this may be the next few years of being a survivor, but I wanted to find people that can understand. Thanks for reading my story.

Jody...a belated have been blessed... so pleased for you to have the delay and then the open surgery...

Prayers for your continued recovery..

Congratulations for surviving and being able to function after an annie hemorrhage! I think it sounds as if you are doing fabulous concerning you had an annie rupture and clipped in a little over a month ago. It probably doesn't feel like it to you, though - you have been through a major health crisis and you survived.

I was one of the lucky ones - they caught my annie before rupture and I was coiled/stented. Even so, the headaches afterward were brutal. What are you taking for yours? I took Fioricet and 5 mg. oxycodone. The doctor tried just about every narcotic after my surgery to get the headaches under control and this was the only combo that did the trick. Where was your annie? Mine was on the basilar tip and I didn't have any problems with my eyes - I am sure that you will get lots of replies from people who have had eye problems, it's pretty common.

Now for the fatigue. The first few weeks I could only stay up for a few hours before I would have lay down and sleep. It took quite a few months until I could go a whole day without a major nap and that is normal for everyone. You will also find that everyone is different. I had the surgery almost 3 yrs ago and someone told me last year that I was a mess the first year (always looked exhausted and had so much trouble remembering words when I spoke). And mine was unruptured! I was able to just go to bed when I was exhausted, but with your having younger children, that must be hard on all of you.

I hope your headache is only temporary and that you can find something to help control them. Glad you found BAF - it was my saviour both before and after my surgery.


Thanks so much!! I am already feeling very grateful to be a part of this family. All this information is so wonderful and I’m not feeling so alone anymore!

Thanks so very much for your info, it’s a good feeling to be able to speak to others who understand!!! I have not been given any pain meds. Apparently good ole’ Tylenol is suppose to suffice for me :frowning:

Hi Jody,

Thank you for your email. You have been so lucky. Take it easy.It is interesting that headaches and effects on vision seem common to people who had aneurysms. I wonder how much research is going into documenting this aspect.

kind regards


Blessing to you Jody! You are healing! Happy you are a Survivor! Welcome to a group who cares and shares. Wishing you continued health!
Peace and God’s Blessingz to You~


Things will get better, I wish you well for the future.

My annie did not rupture but every so often I still get pains in the head from the surgery, just take it easy and take your time.

God bless you

Lovely to hear from you, good to be alive isn't it..!!??

Take it easy, and give yourself plenty of time to heal... don't rush. I tried to get back to 'normal' too quickly, and whilst I'm back scuba diving, which was my driving force, after 8 months...... I still struggle with everything else.... I've decided that I'm going to take it easy for a couple of years and let the old 'noggin' have as much time as it needs to heal itself.


Hi Jody, I am over a year from mine and I still have good and not so good days but I thank God every day I wake up and can see my family. My daughter is nine and gives me reason to push forward. I remember having such weirdness in my head . Heavy headed and dizzy quite a lot. It will get better with time. Time is everything and patience had to be learned.

I do hope your headaches start to subside. I go in cycles. Rest a lot and don’t push too hard and drink plenty of water. It does help your headaches.

You scuba? I was told never to do that… I had a rupture and have had 8 brain surgeries…

God bless you, Jody You may not believe this now, but you are one of the lucky ones. I am luckier, because they got to me before my aneurysm could rupture, but I still went through all the healing processes. It will take time, but you will get better and better over time. Time is your ally in this incredible journey, believe me. All the best to you.

David Andrus

My father had his double aneurysm coiled. Not sure how much the side effects would differ from a clipping. We are fortunate to have an incredible surgical team that we still converse with on a monthly basis and keep ahead of issues that arise. It took a good 8 months before my dad was returned to “normal” in regards to memory and everyday life, even though he could walk and function after leaving the hospital. My suggestion is just to keep in touch with your surgeon, if you do not feel you are getting the answers, search for a specialist. We are close to Chicago if you need a referral from this area.

Welcome Jody! Hope you can find support, compassion, and empathy here! You are in my prayers. Keep repeating...all in good time.


We are so glad you are here with us. It is a miracle you survived. I gad a SAH Dec of 2011. The beginning of the healing is quite intense. I did not suffer with headaches after the first 2 months but everyone is different. Take it easy and don’t push yourself too hard. It is a long journey to recovery and not everyone understands. My family got frustrated with me and I was frustrated with myself. I’m so glad that you made it through. This forum has brought me a great deal of support and answers and hope it can for you as well.

Hi Amy,

Yes, I've completed about 100 dives post rupture (coiled) and some have been down as deep as 50 metres on technical dives.

I had to get various medicals, first a 'fit to dive' medical just to go diving.... this is from a specialist diving doctor that understands that 'pressure' of diving has no affect on the vascular system... and then, because I'm an instructor in the UK, I had to have an HSE (Health & Safety Executive) Dive Medical done in order to teach again.

Just got back from 2 weeks in Egypt diving various WWII wrecks and with dolphins, sharks and turtles. I did 32 dives over 11 days.

It's not a case of an aneurysm or SAH prevents you from diving.... but you shouldn't dive until a specialist diving doctor has confirmed that it is safe for you to do so. But do see a specialist diving doctor as most doctors incorrectly assume that the pressure of depth has an affect on the vascular system..... which it doesn't really. ;-)

Rest and pace yourself. Enjoy every moment. One year after my event I am feeling more like myself but it took time. I am so thankful you are here to share your journey.

Hi Jody!!! :slight_smile:

I wish you a complete recovery and everything good for the future, Jody.