Hello I’m new here , and not sure howI this worksis but, I was if anyone had any advice about what to expect for surgery i’ll be getting it done on the 14th

Hi Amy,

Welcome to baf. Sorry to hear u have an annie. I am not sure what to expect from surgery as I had an sah and do not remember my first 2 weeks in the hospital. The rest is just bits n pieces. I can say that the brain takes it time to heal and everyone is different. I know everyone will want to know how did you come to find you had an annie? Where is it located? How big is it and what is its shape? Do they plan on a stent or coiling? Have you had a second opinion? My prayers r with you.



Are you having coiling or clipping?

~ Carol

Hi Amy -

I just was diagnosed with a 6mm annie on 7/18/13... I had my surgery 7/30/13! They coiled and and put a stent in. I was in the ICU for one night. ICU was pretty scary, they do neuro checks every hour so I didn't get to rest at all. But I am home now...I am having headaches, but the Dr. said they should go away! The worst part for me is was the waiting...maybe ask if they can give you something for anxiety. You are in my prayers!!!

Hello and thanks for the respin

Hello and thanks for all of the responses. Mine is on the left sidewent 4mm in size I will be having the clipping.

Hi. I had surgery in Sept 2000. Mine was behind my left eye. I too had the clipping. My experience was pretty good. I stayed in neuro ICU for one night and then moved to a regular room for 2 more nights. The surgery went well. I dont know if they will do the same with you as they did with me. I was woken up in the operating room and asked a lot of questions to ensure there was no damage. Then i was put back to sleep and i woke up in ICU later. Dont be surprised by the tubes you will have. I think the strangest part to me was being released as fast as i was. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.