Post operation

Been discharged from hospital a week ago after a long 10 days in hospital, still got the double vision, hearing a pulse in my head and since yesterday feeling sharp pains in the head, apart from those just feeling very tired and sleep so many hours. Thanks for all the prayers , good thoughts and good words


You were in the hospital? Whatever for and how is your mother doing after he surgery? Please let us know and I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.


Hi has only been a week...and you have a "ways to go in this journey"...however, be sure to call your Doctor's office about your symptoms and see what they have to say...Is this Normal, etc., ?

~ Now in the Meantime ~ Rest and Heal...!

Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen

Hi Millie,

Take it easy and rest when your body tells you too, it's very important during recovery.

Your in my prayers..




Keep up your rest; sleep as much as your brain and eyes tell you they need. Woudl recommend calling about the sharp pains and the pulse you are hearing in particular. Please keep us posted.

Many prayers,


Hi Millie, so good to hear that you're home after a relatively short hospital stay. I had double vision too-- my annie was compressing my left optic nerve; I did suffer some field of vision loss along the way. My neurosurgeon prior to the surgery, told me to expect brain pains or jolts as that is the brain and nerve endings healing. Mine became less after a few months. He also told me that my head would feel like dead wood in the surgery area for a year or two. Take the time to rest -- 10 months after the clipping I'm still enjoying the afternoon naps!

Hope your mom is also doing okay. Healing thoughts and prayers being sent your way.