New Here, Just thought I would weigh in

I am new here. Its a very informative place! I was diagnosed with a 2-3 mm annie 2 years ago. I have not been financially able to go back for the MRI recheck, but now I can. I go on Monday. I appreciate your prayers as I have been living totally freaked out since I found out about it. Hopefully they will find nothing there and it was all a mistake (but I know it will have been a miracle!).

Hi Anna and Again, Welcome to BAF ~

I am so glad you are going for a recheck...praying nothing changes and it will continue to be watched...

Now keep us posted...Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

Thank you!! I think I posted under the wrong heading, lol. WIll try to get things right. I have been experiencing a lot of dizziness (keeping that hidden from my family). THis whole thing is just weird to me. Thanks again, I will let you know later in the week how it turns out. I am having an MRA I didnt even know there was a such a thing.

Hi Anna, and welcome. How sad that it must come down to money when you get a diagnosis like this (thank goodness for the NHS) you must be very anxious, I will pray for a miracle for you, I hope that your annie will be stable and there will be no need for any intervention. Meanwhile try and keep your stress levels down and your blood pressure, take care of yourself, let us know how it goes, Jill xxxxxxx

TY Jill! I am scheduled later today for the MRA. There have been a few hitches to getting this done. THey called me this morning to tell me the insurance did not approve it, but after a little nagging they found out that was an error. Sheesh. I do try to keep my stress down, however I am in a very high pressure job right now and they are the ones that fully pay my insurance. I must keep this job. I have never had BP issues until about 9 months ago when I went for a regular check up and my BP was 198/104. I was floored. I have been living in fear, this is just awful. I am even afraid to speak the word "aneurysm" out loud for fear that would make it more real. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I am a Christian and I know my God will provide and I know my God will take care of me and my family. I just need to be strong. I read the stories on here and I am heartbroken at what some of you have gone through. Its also very inspiring. I will let you know later how everything went today. :)