Cleveland Clinic Appointment


Clev. Clinic called, my MRA is on Dec. 6th then appointment with dr. to go over results. Very happy to be doing all this in one day. Or so I thought. Get another call and the drs. schedule has changed. Now I have the test and have to wait a week for the results. I know it's only a week but I have been on this annie journey since 2008 and I am ready for it be over. Even if the annie has stayed the same I have desided to have it fixed (5mm). The question is how will it be fixed. Dr. wants to coil it but I'm still not sure if that is the right choice for me, still praying about that one.

Thanks for reading, and if you could please pray for me it would be a blessing. I usually have to be medicated for this test and I have been nervous since the appointment has been made.

I hope everyone is having a headache free day.


Hi Deanna,

Sending prayers your way! I know you will feel better when it's over. The waiting is hard, but, you will get through it and know that you are not alone and others are praying for you.

I have had just a little headache the last couple days...I learned some relaxation exercises that have seemed to help, at least the migraine is finally gone.

Big Hugs!


Thanks for the encouraging words and prayer. It has always been easier for me to encourage others.
Glad your feeling better.
I know after surgery people have trouble with dizziness, ringing ears, and loud noises. Did anyone have that before surgery. I suffer all the above and daily headaches. Of course Dr. Says not related to aneurysm. Just curious.
Big hugs to you too,