I am SOOO frustrated and at a loss!! I had my initial consultation with neuro in Ann Arbor at U of M on Feb 26th, he scheduled the angio for the next is is, one month later and I have not heard a SINGLE word!! I have called 4 times and have not had a return call. I'm frustrated bc I know this hospital is in the top 5 in the nation and this is being handled so shitty!! What should I do? I left a message yesterday, after having called a few times, and told them if I do NOT hear in a timely manner, I will request all my tests and info and go elsewhere! Any thoughts or ideas??

That is frustrating. You did have the cerebral angiogram done, correct? And you are trying to meet to see what the results are and what the next steps might be? Was the consultant a neurosurgeon or neurologist or neuro-radiologist? I met with a neurosurgeon who recommended a neuro-radiologist to do the angiogram. The neurosurgeon said that if the test was negative, he wouldn't need to see me but I would have been told that by his assistant.

I am wondering, if for some reason, you are not reaching the right person. Or perhaps your case got hung up somewhere? Any chance there are any other numbers you can call? What about contacting your primary care doctor to see if she/he could make headway? Your primary care should have gotten the results by now as long as you gave permission for your results to be sent to her/him. Just trying to help....

Neurosurgeon is who I met with. His associate did the angiogram the following morning, as he was not able to do it. After the angio was done, the Dr who did it came into the recovery room, and told me that there IS only one annie, and for me to rest that night at the hotel and go home the next day and that my Dr would contact me shortly to schedule getting in and having it clipped and/or coiled. The last word I heard was when the nurse pushed me out in wheel chair and told me bedrest and take it easy for 24 hr. I have the number to my Dr's direct scheduler. Yesterday she told me she would talk to his nurse and call me back..nothing. For the past 2 weeks, each time I called, she told me he would call me after his weekly neuro conference on Wed mornings..nothing. He has the angio results, this I do know. I called the neurosurgeon who referred me to them, called this morning and left a message for, as I have been doing for a month, I am waiting for someone to return a phone call.

That is just awful! I would be tearing my hair out! It may be time and a go idea to get your results and seek a second opinion at this time. I am at a loss as to what else you can do. Maybe someone else will have an idea.

Thanks!! I am so frustrated..not that I haven't been scheduled for surgery or anything like that, just for the simple fact that I have not heard ANYTHING. That is what has me so up in arms!! I'm trying to call the referring Dr back, have been all morning, and no answer..left a message first thing this morning!! I am beginning to think NO ONE answers phones anymore!! Another thing that is so frustrating, is looking at the expense thus far..U of M is 7 hours from where I live..the next closest hospital would be Mayo in MN..and that is 12 hours. I look at what I've spent thus far, since my family Dr found it in Nov, and what I know now..I don't know anything more today then I did the day he told me, you have an aneurysm!!! Geesh!!

Is the doctors office 7 hours away or just the hospital? If the office is close, I would drive over there and demand to speak to someone. Have your tried speaking with the office manager? The treatment you are receiving is UNACCEPTABLE!!! I am angry for you. I would tell them if you do not speak with the doctor that day (next time you call) that you will be calling the Department of Health (or what is in your state) and filing a complaint.

Both office and hospital are that far away. The Dr who referred me is 2 hours away. I did call my referring Dr today, and got some assistance. His personal secretary called the other Dr to find out what the problem is and demanded the Dr's notes and treatment plan in writing ASAP. She also told me, if I do not hear by Thursday, to call her and she will have my referring Dr call the surgeon directly and find out what the hold up/issue is. She was VERY shocked and appalled that I have not heard anything either. I told her I was at wits end and didn't know where else to turn, as I was looking for some professional advice on what my next step will be. So hopefully, I will hear by end of the week. If the surgeon doesn't contact me directly, at least I know my referring Dr is in my corner and will contact him himself!

Thank you everyone for the support!! I felt so lost, wondering why the hold up and what I should do, after making so many calls and getting no where!!!

Hells to the yeah on that one ! Totally agree with Terri, that is UNACCEPTABLE and I'd be furious and totally question their lack of! Not to mention Trust in them being thrown out the window! I think I'd contact their file desk and request all my office records from their office, then no doubt I'd be contacting the State Medical Board after that. I've done such a thing in California regarding other matters not related to me, (My Mother-in-law's care at her former Medical Group) and this particular situation which has affected every day of your life since having the angiogram--wow, hard to fathom . Its not like you're having your tonsils removed ,this is big , and finding someone you have faith in and who has an excellent reputation is paramount..(.I feel for you Kristin- yes, how very frustrating! ) I've no answers other then ...being a bit madcap-crazed at this point, how couldn't you be ! Peace, Janet

My suggestion is get your records and find another doctor. If this is how you are being treated before the surgery imagine the horror of after surgery. Do you really want that kind of stress. Change your doctor now!!!!! Unfortunately I did not get to chose my doctor as I was treated for a ruptured and am now stuck with the doctor I have and don’t like him.

Thanks everyone!! I was also told that I should contact human resources at the hospital, and that there's a chance the mounting bill that I owe there now, could be reduced or voided, simply for the lack of treatment thus far. I'm going to see, IF I do not hear anything by noon on Thursday, I think I will get my records, test results, etc and have my referring Dr send me elsewhere. I am disgusted by the whole ordeal..and I DID like my Dr when we met. He was informative and I was quite comfortable with him..but now, my opinion of both him and the hospital are slowly going down the toilet!!!

Hi Kristin...I wonder what qualifies "top hospitals"...I am finding over and over the same incompetence my many top hospitals...if I were you and I wanted my results and hadn't gotten them, I would request a follow~up appointment with Neuro to go over results of angio and your next steps...and if you are still not satisfied...I would get my records and go for more opinions...Gotcha in my one should have to deal with all of this and be told they have a brain aneurysm ~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen!! I have been trying for a month. I called my referring Dr's office and left a message, asking about getting my records and possibly being transferred to a diff hospital. I am so soured on this place now. What annoys me the most is the time I've been just waiting, the time we've spent traveling, husband having to take time off work, and most of the all the thousands of dollars spent, both to the hospital and travel expenses. We are by no means rich, and it is extremely hard on my family. So, I think of that, I think of how much more waiting to get in some place else, etc etc..I'm to the point now, I'm about to just give up on it all and take my chances and live with the damn thing!!! I'm thoroughly disgusted and feeling very hopeless..the weight of this that I am putting on my family, the financial aspect is eating me alive..and all for what?? Over 4 months since discovery and the only thing I know for SURE, is that there is only one!!! I just want to be done with it!

john Hopkins is a great hospital and Dr Coons is the best!! Call his office.

I share your frustration. I went for a second opinion at “One of the best hospitals in the country”. The medical stuff went perfectly. However I have received several bills for services all saying I have “No Primary or Secondary Insurance” and was billed accordingly. Of course I do have insurance. So far I have given two people my insurance information over the phone, mailed it twice, FedEx'd it once and handed it to them in person. Yet this Friday I received another bill showing I have no insurance. It amazes me that some people can be so incompetent!

I hope you get a resolution soon!