Need advise on how to help my child

Hello again everyone!

I again could really use some advise. On May 14th I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and almost died. My two sons saw me having a seizure and then watched me be put in a helecopter and sent off to another hospital where they did a coil to stop the bleeding. I have two more brain aneurysms they have to fix but can not fix til all the blood is off my brain and I am stable enough to have the surgery to stent and coil the other ones, which the doctors are saying are more serious and riskier than the one that ruptured. I unfortunately know what it is like to have a sick parent as I grew up watching my father go through many heart surgeries and almost die multiple times. My youngest son talks to me about it and cries and seems to be doing ok. My 12 year old however is like me and holds all his emotions inside. Since I have returned home he has hardly spoke to me. He hides up in his room and just lays in his bed, which is not normal for him. Him and I are very close and he usually is in my face never leaving my side but now he won't even talk to me. I have tried talking to him and getting him to talk but he just says he is fine. I do not know what to do. I know he is suffering the loss of his normal mom and I do not know how to help him..please anyone who has any advise or suggestions I need help. He is my life and I hate seeing him suffer it is breaking my heart :(.. he is either with his friends or in his room..please help. thanks so much for listening to me vent about this. I am trying to heal and learn how to live with this new diagnosis and I know he is going through stuff too but I dont know how to help him. Thanks again for listening to me vent :)

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Hi Melissa, What beautiful boys you have, both have lovely cheeky grins.
I am lucky my 3 girls are adults, but I know when they were teenagers and would stop talking, I just kept talking to them, I was always honest and never hid my fears, I always told them and still tell them I am proud of them. If they do something wrong I try never to be judgmental and always look for a positive. Try talking to your son not as a child but as one who hopefully understands what is happening, be trueful with him. I hope all turns out well for you and your family.

Love Lynn