My Miracle Story-Hope it Encourages You All!

On Saturday,March 27,2010,my life changed for the best! I was living alone in my law school apartment for 8 months.I do not recall ever having someone enter my apartment to conduct an inspection before ;however,on that date,the school's housing department entered my apartment to conduct a routine health and safety inspection;it wasn't just by chance that they decided to conduct this inspection. God sent His angels to rescue me.When the inspector arrived,she found me semi unconcious in my apartment.I was taken to the ER in an unconcious state.My nuerosurgeon concluded that I had a brain anyeurysm due to a stroke.I was taken in for emergency surgery.I was in a coma for 3 weeks.I could not breathe on my own so I had a trach put in place.I could not eat nor drink so a feeding tube was inserted in my belly.I could not speak because of my trach;thus,I wrote all my thoughts,questions,and concerns on paper.My doctor was not sure I'd be able to walk again;I had severe left side weakness.Things slowly started to improve,but the pressures in my head were dangerously high;my neurosurgeon thought about taking half of my skull out;at that same time,I developed a blood clot in the lungs;they couldn't give me blood thinners to remove the clot because I would bleed out of my brain;they couldn't take me to surgery because I was too unstable.the only option was death!When my doctor was going to repair the anyeurysm,I developed an infection in the brain which had to be treated.After 3 brain surgeries and 3 other life sustaining surgeries,I began physical,occupational, and speech therapy at the hospital.I finally left the hospital after three months later on June 26,2010.I began outpatient physical,speech, and occupational therapy in July 2010-October 2010.I began my cognitive rehabilitation program in September 2010.I was discharged in May 2011.While I suffered during my stroke, I value life much more now.I trust that God allowed this to happen for a greater purpose. I've encouraged so many people with my story that it makes the pain I went through seem like a piece of cake!

by his stripes you were healed…like us all…love ur story n so glad to see u look at the glass to be half full instead of half empty…God is Great! thank u Jesus


Your story is encouraging!!!..Prayers go out to you!!

Did you end up having to have a part of your skull bone removed?



You have an unusualy magnficent story...what so impresses me is the time you were maintained in the facility and then the tremendous rehab...

I so hope you will share your facility...the neuros/the rehab with us...I think so many are discharged, turned out too soon...and have limited, to no, rehab... you have been blessed... my personal opinion and expereience.

Again, welcome...


Wow…Naomi…you are an inspiration…after everything you have been threw…Thank ~ you for sharing truly a remarkable story…God Speed…and to Continued Healing … Thoughts and prayers your way…Colleen

Hi Naomi,

Thank you for sharing your magnificent story with us. My mom's sistuation is similar to your. She had her unruptured eneurysm clipped on June 29, 2011 and had a stroke afterward too. Her right skull also got removed due to the swelling and the pressure in her brain. She could not breathe on her own so they had trach put in place for her. She also had a feeding tube inserted in her belly. She also had a severe weekness on her left side. It has been over 3 weeks now since her surgery and she is still in a coma. She hasn't response or open her eyes yet. Doctor said the swelling will take some time to decrease. She is currently in ICU and will be transfer to a long term facility soon if she didn't wake up or start breathing on her own. I am very scare and afraid. Reading your story give me hope for my mom. Would you please share with us your expereince after your coma? Did you get transferred to the facility after you wake up from your coma or before? How long does it take you to recongnize and response to command? Any adives for me and my family in caring for our mom? Again thank you for sharing your remarkable story with us. Thoughts and prayers your way... Amy were blessed with qualified / caring physicians...and, acccept my apologies for being so slow in thanking you for your response to me... You are truly magnificent...which shows your overall strength coupled with quality care...Give your doctors big hugs from your peers...their quality is not common... the rehab is excellent....I would love to connect with you more on that...something that is so overlooked (hidden) by most neuro-physicians....

Hugs and prayers for your continued recovery...