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My angiogram!

It was Tuesday and I sailed through it! You were all so helpful in reassuring me and letting me know what to expect!
I arrived at the hospital short stay at 7AM (yikes)! They took me into the OR at 8AM. I was sedated. The only sensation I felt was a feeling of warmth in my right cheek and throughout my brain… It was a pleasant feeling. I was wheeled back into short stay at 10:30AM and I was allowed to go home at 12:30PM. The best news is that everything is healing the way it is supposed to and they didn’t find any problems. The team was so excited… They take such pride in the work that they do! I don’t have any pain and I am feeling so thankful!
The worst part was trying to get that band aid off the groin area!

Thanks so much for sharing the good news, Anna! Sounds like you came through with flying colors. Excellent.

What great news. The other great news is that you have a medical team which fills you with confidence. That is a priceless feeling.
Hope your day continues to be great.

Anna, I am so happy to hear such good news from you! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am going to print this out and not read anything else about the procedure. Mine is months away but I have been in prime worry-mode!

Thank you again,


I’m so glad this was helpful to you! I was nervous also as it was an unknown. I will have another one in 6 months and I will be so much more relaxed about it.

Thanks for relaying your experience. I am having an angiogram on tuesday and am not sure what to expect. I feel better reading that you did great and have no pain…

I’m a worrier too…it went so well I thought I’d like to share my experience with other worriers!

Anna! This is good news! I'm glad my experience with my angiogram helped you. Yeah, that band aid is a bitch :-) but worth it for good news! Very happy for you.

I know- that darned band aid. So happy that you came through with flying colors. Although I have had 3 of them, they always make me nervous beforehand. Congrats!! Now to take it slow and easy for a few days. Take care, Sherri

Thank you ! I’m having my done on Nov 5th makes me feel less nervous! It’s my first one since my rupture (1 year)