Angiogram tomorrow morning

Hi everyone, Im having an angio in the morning and Im so damn nervous about it since I'll be awake. It's my first conscious one since my rupture. I have to go to bed soon (Im in another timezone) and I just hope I get some sleep so I can get up early. please wish me luck and strength for my nerves!

Hi Sharong. Best wishes for tomorrow, chill the angiogram is painless and is a breeze!

Best Wishes


Hello Sharong, I have not had mine yet. I am nervous for mine too, but everyone I know that has had one, said it is fine. It seems most of us worry more than we should :slight_smile: Good luck!

We're rooting for you, sharon! I hope everything goes smoothly. Keep us posted.

yes martin is right - ez peasy, let us know how it was, I don't think you can feel it- the arteries have no nerve endings I read once

Hey Sharong! Martin’s right about the angiogram being a breeze. I have had two angiograms and another coiling since my rupture. After what we go through with a rupture, it does seem like everything else is easy smeasy. I do get a little nervous but have found humor to be the most beneficial to reduce my anxiety. I tease the heck out of the students and always ask my neurosurgeon if Willis (Circle of Willis) is still dancing.

You’ll do great! Let us know how you did in a couple days or when you feel like it.

Best of luck

Its not that bad. You won’t feel much. If you have problems let them know. They will help you. Mine went smoothly. Just a little sore the next few days. Good luck.

Hi Sharong,

It is absolutely normal for you to feel nervous!!! I go back in April 2015 for my 3rd angio follow-up since the original coiling in January 2012 (6 months, 1 year, now 2 years). I too get nervous. As a matter of fact, your post made me realize it is coming soon and I am starting to feel a bit nervous. But as stated in other comments, it is a breeze. The hardest part to me was keeping my leg straight for 1 whole hour after the angio. Seems like that hour was forever!! Anyway best of luck to you!!! Repost when you can after the angio to let us know you made it through OK.

Stay strong ! Prayer that everything goes well :heart:

Hi Sharong,

I had my first one four weeks ago and it was absolutely fine. I had worried myself sick over very little.

The only thing that is uncomfortable when they insert the catheter but that doesn’t last for very long. I was told the die was the worst part but it wasn’t at all. I felt nothing.

You will be fine just ask them to talk you through everything when they do it and remember it only lasts for half an hour.



Best wishes x

I too worried about being awake and practically begged my neurosurgeon to knock me out but he said no and I was worried for nothing. They will give you something to relax you so although you are not out, you are feeling no pain. It’s over before you know it. Let us know how it goes!

Hi there,

I'm glad you reached out for support. We're all cheering you on and we're all a brave lot! The procedure pales in comparison to all we've been through...very little discomfort. Wishing you well and sending healing energy your way.



Be encouraged!!! We're all rooting for you and believing for the BEST results!!

Sharon, I wish you the best. My rupture was in 2005 and I did not have to have another angio. I am praying for you. Even tho I have not had one, I have talked to people who have had one and they say it is a breeze. You are right about the fact that we tend to worry about the unknown. Its normal to worry, but try not to worry. I'll keep you in my prayers, Sharon. Chin up, girl. You'll be fine.

Sharon, Good luck and please have no worries. I was so nervous with my first one and all I did was trust my surgeon and it was actually a cool experience. They have been a piece of cake since. I'll be thinking of you. Carol

I wish you the very best of luck. I remember how nervous I was at my first Anglo after my rupture. Thinking of you. X

Good luck I had to have one a few years back your be fine x

Good luck!

Good luck, Sharon! I had one and it was not so bad. You'll be fine.