I am having an angiogram on Dec 14 and am a bit nervous. Has anyone had this procedure and if you have can you tell about it. If I pass this they said I will be good to go. Thanks so much Robin

Hi Robin, my angiogram went pretty well, local anaesthetic in the groin then they inserted the catheter, the radiologist talked to me the whole time telling me what was going on, he then pumped the contrast which shows if h aneurysm is still getting blood. The contrast felt like a flash of heat behind my eye but only for a second. Afterwards you are not allowed to move for about 4 hours. My leg swelled slightly and my groin was sore for a few days, I was lucky I had no visible bruising, was slightly stressed prior but it is very strait forward procedure that radiologist’s perform everyday. Try not to be nervous.

Hi Robin...~ I hope your Neurosurgeons/interventionalist explained the procedure...also a good resource is to look up Mayo clinic and type in Angiogram to find out what to expect...~ everyone is different...for me I am allergic to the dye and must prep before the procedure ... the steroids donot make me feel too good... and I feel a bit anxious, but honestly the anticipation is worse then the procedure...the thing that hurts a when they numb your groin and it lasts 2 seconds...then they take pictures by threading the catheter...which I see Liam and Lynn have explained to one thing that happens a few days after the procedure is pain in the groin...some donot experience this, but I do...and it is good to know it can happen...Be sure to drink lots of water to cleanse your system...and good luck...will keep you in my prayers ~ Colleen

Hello, Robin. I was nervous too, but at the same time eager to get it done and know how things looked. My 6 month was in September of this year. I, like Jo, was afraid of being awake...but they will give you something to set you at ease...for me Versed. I felt only a very brief sting of the incision, but comparable to getting an IV put in - not terrible. I "saw" some lightening type flashes that seemed more internal that from a light in the room...but felt no pain. I was honestly still waiting for everything to happen when I heard the interventional radiologist tell the team "we're done". I only had a little bit of ache in the incision area after, but it was quickly headed off with pain meds. The most annoying, uncomfortable part was my aching lower back from having to lay flat 6 hours....but even that was no big deal. And yes, bed pans are always "fun".

I also had an angio when my annie was bleeding back in March, 2 days before coiling.... and I had more side effects then, but maybe in part because of the bleed. I had a big headache and nausea after. But at my 6 month angio they gave me nausea medication before they started, which made a world of difference. If you think you might have a weak stomach, definitely request anti-nausea med. I also experienced visual auras immediately after and periodically for a few months....but again, this could be due to the bleed and the coiling...interrupted blood flow is the closest to an explanation I ever got on that one...though at the time, they were baffled. The auras scared me at first, but once I knew that I was okay...and that it would pass in 15-20 minutes, I just closed my eyes and rested during the "light show".

Plan on taking it easy for a few days too; I stayed home from work the day after...and was under restrictions to not lift over 5 lbs for a week (much to the disappointment of my 2 yr old). But had they been able to use the Minx closure on me (which I think is basically a dissolving closure), the lifting restrictions would not have been as much.Good luck with your angiogram; keep us posted on what you learn.


Thanks all of you so much for all the information.i am blessed to be alive and find this web sight . You have eased my worries about the angiogram

Robin, has been a long time since I have been back here...if we had connected earlier, please forgive my memory...I have to do that daily...or more frequent...

We have all had angios...from initial diagnosis to the various where are you at 12/14?

You did jog my humor...."good to go"...where, when, and for how long?

I had pre and post, and f/up angios...tho I was never awake in any of them...took hours to wake up for discharge of those...Do NOT let this astound/concern you...many have great f/ups....and, are awake/alert during them and...have good results...

Hugs and prayers for the right results and the full explanations of your neuros...


hi Robin!! yes i was 9.9 nervous but if i had to do another i'd be a 1.1---lol yeah riiiight!! well ok ok maybe a 2.9!! The truth is its scary but afterwards you'll say-that wasnt bad at all why was i so scared?!! i only got a small bruise at the site in groin maybe size of a penny which was a little sore for a few days, hoping & praying for you to ace the test!

Hi Robin,

I had my first angiogram the end of August. I was very anxious prior to it because I had a mild stroke in March and I was concerned the angiogram would cause another. I have to admit that I didn't feel a thing. I was very relaxed and instructed to hold my breath as they took the picture. I did see flashing streaks sometimes and felt a warm flush. I also experienced the aura (like Cindy J) in the middle of the test. I get them every couple of years so I knew what it was. I had two again two days later. Like Cindy said I just watch the "light show" for 20 minutes until it's over. I think it would have freaked me out if I had never had one before. I mentioned it to the team when it happened but none of us were concerned. I had a star closure put in (they did not tell me prior to that they were using the device and I'm allergic to nickel) but luckilly I've had no problems. I was told to go home and rest afterwards but my husband and I went to a diner because I was so hungry. I can't believe how good I felt afterwards. Try not to worry too much and I pray it will go smoothly for you as well. Take care,


Hello Robin, it's not that bad at all. Slight discomfort and it's done quickly.

All the best xx