Hi everyone,

I’ve posted about my mom who had a SAH in January. She had coils placed and had 2 other aneurysms clipped. She seems to be doing well physically. Mentally she’s still pretty anxious.

One of the things she’s anxious about is her upcoming angiogram in July. Can anyone tell me what to expect to put her mind at ease?


Has she had an angiogram before?

I have had two. One I was awake for and one right after my clipping while I was still under. The angiogram was tolerable. They put a catheter up through the femeral artery (groin area) and into the head. They shoot dye into the head/brain and take lots of pictures. I felt significant pressure in my forehead when the dye was shot. They all told me the feeling was normal. After you are done, someone will keep pressure on the artery for about 20 minutes to help close it off. She will then go to the recovery area and lie still for 6 hours. The nurses will come and check on her every 15 minutes for a certain amount of time, then every 30 minutes and so forth. I did wind up with a horrible migraine. For me the worst part was laying still for 6 hours.

I wish your Mom all the best.

Hi Terri,

Thanks Terri! Dumb question, are you also on Babycenter? If so, I have the Penguins avi and we’ve messaged:)

She had an angiogram when she had her coil done but she doesn’t remember it. I do remember the big golfball sized lump on her leg. But other than that, not much.

Oh and her neck still hurts. I’m wondering if that’s why and if its common. It’s been 4 months.

Can I stay with her the whole time? When she had the first one done, it was an emergency. So we didn’t stay get to be with her.

How were you after?

Thanks again!

Hi - I had my angiogram in May. Worse part was the waiting...for the appointment itself and for the procedure to start. You are admitted, IV started, doctor goes over procedure with you, anesthesia pays a visit. I was able to hear doctors talking during the procedure and follow directions but didn't feel a thing. They closed my femoral artery with something called a mynx device so no pressure was needed. I had to slay flat and still for 6 hours but they brought me a sandwich and water. I was sore for a couple of days and slightly dizzy for about a week but I am sure everyone is different. Just have her take it easy after the procedure.

Prayers to ease her anxiousness...Mary

Thanks Mary I definitely want to know what to watch for. I think that’ll be her problem too, the waiting. How are you doing Mary?

Hi Mimi...Best thing to tell her...the expectation of going for the angiogram is worse then the procedure... and she may find that she will have to rest for a few days after the angiogram...~ keep us posted...~ Colleen

Doing better everyday thanks...angiogram showed the coils are holding fine and don't need to see my Neurologist again until next March. Slowly winding down with all the follow up doctor appointments and looking forward to enjoying my kids this summer since last year was pretty much a wash. Where is your mom now?

Hi Mimi!

What I remember the most from my angiograms was how when the dye actually reached the vessels in the brain, I could literally feel the dye going from vessel to vessel--it was warm and didn't hurt what so ever, and I commented to the Tech about it, who said yeah that happens all the time (as I thought, wait, can I really be feeling this??) but like I said it didn't hurt, infact it was really odd and kind of surreal !

Peace to you and your mom ! Janet