Moving forward with coiling

Hi, all,

I am moving forward with my coiling in March - the sooner the better. I know that everyone could have a different outcome. I am 100% confident with my doctor after getting a second opinion. In looking back over the past two months, I recognize that reading many of the comments was holding me back and unable to make a decision. There were far more who wrote about their post-procedure problems. I hope I make it through the coiling with success and can give encouragement for those who are going through the same. I've a lot of living yet to do - even at 72.

Mary M.

Go for it!! I had my surgery last May and somethimes when I read this site, it makes me more paranoid which isn't healthy either. You will be fine! xoxo

Mary, Yay for you on making the decision. I had so many options that actually figuring out WHAT to do was the most stressful part of all. Once I made my decision, I felt much calmer. My coiling was very successful. I will be thinking of you! Keep us posted!


Hello Mary-

I had my day on November 18th. It was a 4 hour coiling procedure on a Tuesday, came out of surgery with absolutely NO PAIN. I was on the phone for 2 hours talking to famiy and friends andI was discharged to days from the operation with NO PAIN at all. I was doing errands on the 3rd day! I can't believe it myself! As the saying goes....God is so good!!

Good luck with your surgery.

Launa Johnston

Thank you, Monica. I was overwhelmed with reading about post-procedure problems through this online support group, that I didn't have the courage to move forward. After posting my latest, the positives are coming in.

Your comments are appreciated, Launa. I am more optimistic than ever that I will be okay. I, like, Monica, felt a huge relief and peace of mind - once I made the decision to get the coiling scheduled.


Hi I’m having my done Tuesday’s I am kinda scared

Best of luck! I’ll be thinking of you :slight_smile:

Hi Mary - I'm never around here anymore - just popped in because I got an email message about the website. BUT - I want you to know that I had one coiled and stented over 3 years ago and am F.I.N.E. You have to remember that most of us who are just fine post-procedure eventually move away from this website - I stayed around for a long time, but I too eventually left and rarely pop back in. I do write on my anniversary because I do want to offer hope. I agree that reading the posts can be really anxiety producing - but do remember that most with no residual problems and complete success end up putting their attention elsewhere, so you are not seeing those stories. Good luck!!!!! You will be fine too!

Thanks, Jaycie. March seems so far away - I am more than ready to have this behind me. I couldn't understand why I wasn't reading more positive comments. Your reply made all the sense in the world. Congratulations on reaching your 3-year anniversary. You posting has given me hope!

Hello Mary:

I too have had several procedures leading to 5 coils and a stent placed in my head due to one rupture that showed three Annie's. March 31 will be one year for me and I seem to be doing good. I have had a few issues and any headache or pain of course freak me out but I am still here. I don't come on this site much either because it has caused me much distress in the past reading about this and that. I have one more Annie in my head untouched because its small but worries me like I said with any sudden strange pain. Don't worry yourself - think positive and remember that everyone is different. I also go back in March for another angio to see if everything is flowing properly. You take care and may God be with you for a successful coiling. - Christine

Thank you, Christine. Seems this month is moving slowly. I am ready now and hope my Annie can wait.



Go for it! My wife came home toady after having a coiling yesterday, I'm happy to say she is 100% fine no issues other than some tenderness in the groin. The whole procedure went better than expected and we couldn't be happier. This was her second procedure on January 7th she had a pipeline done on the first annie and that to went on with out any issues. the only post op effect that remains at all are some floaters in her left eye ( that is where the 14mm annie was pipelined. Stay positive the technology and skill that exists today is really amazing.

I was diagnosed in Dec and had the coiling done Feb 4th. I feel very lucky that the aneurysm was found, by chance. I never had any symptoms. I did not have any issues with the coiling surgery and was released the following day. I feel relieved that the aneurysm has a 0% chance of rupturing now, as opposed to a higher % before the coiling. I am grateful to God for bringing it to my attention. I asked for prayers from everyone and the prayers were heard and answered. I have no reason to worry now that the coiling is done. The main thing for you to remember is after you get home get LOTS of rest. I was exhausted, but never had any pain.

Hello Sam

I also had the coiling done on Nov. 18th. Was discharged 2 days after and I was fine. No problems at all. So I am grateful and God was with me all the way.

What a mighty God we serve!


Hi Mary! Good luck with yuor procedure. I had a 7 mm aneurysm coiled May 29, 2013 and I have recovered just fine!! Im sure you will too! Just be kind to yourself and take your time recovering! Listen to your body and you will be fine!

Hi Mary! Good luck with yuor procedure. I had a 7 mm aneurysm coiled May 29, 2013 and I have recovered just fine!! Im sure you will too! Just be kind to yourself and take your time recovering! Listen to your body and you will be fine!

OH God bless you I think I will follow suite!