hello can anyone share There experience after they have the coiling done I would love to hear it

I was coiled Yvette, but mine was a leaky brain aneurysm...and not your typical case of an unruptured...I hope others share their information with you...~ Colleen

Hi Colleen what was your experience alike because. I am getting mine done on Tuesday and I am nervous about the whole thing…I am really depressed… but I know I want it done the sooner the better. …

Thanks jim I hope so… cause I been having bad thoughts… but I know God is good…

Hay Marc we are the lucky ones I always tell myself that all the Time. . I just don’t like the fact I can’t be awake…I wish u all the best… keep me updated

Wow what an amazing story Jo…I just wish i didn’t have to go through this… well Tuesday is my day.thanks for sharing. May God Bless u

hi, my husband suffered a brain aneurism Nov 8 2013, his had ruptured, he had the coiling procedure done, he had vasospasms for about 14-16 days which needed continued angiograms and injections, we returned home about a month later, although he seems a bit different personality wise which I think has to do with getting his strength back and being depressed that it's not happening sooner, he is doing well, no physical problems, he had headaches and wringing in his ears, with a change in medication that seems to be getting better. prayers and bets wishes to you Yvette.

Hi Yvette, I had one like Colleen, mine was ruptured. I had the Coil done on 2/18/2012. I was pretty comfortable. I was walking on my 3rd day of it. The team of doctors would come in pretty often to check and do test on you. With the coil, I couldn't just move in my bed without them shutting the valve off that was attached to my brain to drain the blood.

Other than that, It wasn't that bad. You will do Ok. God was with me the whole time. As he will be with you. Please write me with any questions once your up to it. All the best to you.


Hi marc how are u doing I hope all is well

Hey Sandra thanks for sharing your story with me. I goig to have my coil on tue… I’m hapoy that my doc found it before it’s rupture thank God for that.I also scared that I’m not going to make it. this is the wrost thing that happened to me… is this normal for me to feel this way… I hope I can get around the same after the procedure… I just have keep the faith and pray. … thanks Yvette

Yvette as the day approaches (11th)...please know you will be in my thoughts and prayers ~ Colleen