Can't decide on procedure? Terrified!

All three of my doctors say that I am a great candidate for both a craniotomy and coiling. I cannot decide and I am terrified of it all!!! Any ideas out there?!

I pick coiling. You get out of the hospital faster and recovery is better. If you can get coiling go for it. I had it on Nov 16 and back to work Dec 1st, however, had to go ER yesterday with new weird pain but in was just inflamation around the coiled area and the coiled annie was fine. I also found out that our headaches are from unabsorbed blood in our heads, which I did not know. I had a leaked annie, with some memory issues and spelling etc but very glad I did coiling. otherwise I would probably still be in hospital. Good Luck, light and prayers coming your way. Kim

If none of the doctors are really leaning one way or the other, I'd take that as advice that coiling is not a wrong choice, and therefore I'd go for coiling. There's probably not a "perfect" answer, but they must feel that coiling is indeed a really safe option. It's all so scary though, I know. How are you?

I have an unrurtured 7mm annie. I am sick to my stomach when i think about which procedure to have. I am researching both and both (I have read, have the same risks and bennefits), however, I am very concerned about any complications. My doctors keep saying this is all routine, but i see nothing routine about any of this....really worried, when i think about it. By the way, I am male, in my early 50's and i am told more women suffer from this than men, so again routine?? I had "routine" knee surgery many years ago, and was left with many problems from my knee to my back to my neck...all from "routine." I have read alot about strokes during craniotomies and coils falling out or moving and stroking out so, i get sick just saying all this. Sorry for the drama and don't want to bring anyone down with my worry....

Wow you found info about coils falling out? I did research and found zero info on after a coiling I am curious where you found your info? I had 3mm leaked annie. I think the size doesn't matter the blood comes out of a vein and the annie helps it. So if it 1mm or 10mm the blood will come out if it wants to. You are lucky they found it. What happen for them to fine it. Did you have any sysmtoms? I read about the unruptured annie how does that happen I had massive headache. I have learned you need to calm. You need to do your best reseach and make your decision. Like I said above I like coiling. Please forward info you reador where. Light and prayer coming your way.

You Tube, has great videos on actual procedures and also the ISUIA study on anuerysms. Type ISUIA study in your search. It is the latest study on annies that I am aware of. I found my annie after my doc suggested a MRI because of some minor head pain.. It was God's providence that I found mine early. The size of the neck of the annie determines if it will fall out or move, so I am told. Please beaware, I am just passing on info that I read or saw. Sometimes I feel that I know too much and am scaring the hell out of myself! The ISUIA study involed 4000 people, I believe. Sometimes I think coiling is the best choice but then i think that it might move or fall out, but then i think clipping and a craniotomy is the sure way of dealing with it...just dont know. So do I live with an unruptured annie or a coil that might move, leak or fall out....geeeess..scary. Feel lost.

Well I was told I was going to get coiling and a stent but once they got in they found that one side of the annie was flat maybe cause it leaked not sure. But I only had the coil. The docs will do a stent with coiling if they fill it will fall out. Thanks for the info very much. Dont feel you know too much. Here at this site everyone is begging for people advise and thoughts that is why we all log on, to find info compare notes and just vent!!!!

Thanks, just don't know what to do.......worried.

How are you going to decide this? It's obviously a tough decision - did none of the 3 doctors have a recommendation for which way to go? It's a lot to dump it all on your lap - it would seem that at least one of them should have an opinion about which way is most likely to be best for you...

The great debate, to coil or craniotomy...During the time I was waiting to see the neuro I also did my homework on both procedures and was very confussed about what to do. It turns out that no matter which way you go there are risks and benefits. However after seeing the neuro I was told that coiling was not an option for me. The opening and some buldging on the sides would make it so that coiling would not work. I had a craniotomy 4 weeks ago. Since my operation I have read and talked with many who have had coiling and I honestly think that coiling is just too new and the risks of the coils moving or falling out to me is far more risker then the craniotomy option. My neuro told me before my surgery that there is a 95% rate that everything will go perfect and once the annie is clipped then it is taken care of forever. He also did say that the 5% risk that something could happen was real and no one knows if you fall in that 5%. I think that a 95% rate of everything going perfect is dang good odds.

You have to make the choice that you feel is right for you and doing your homework is great but too much knowledge is worrysome and confussing...

The best way to get knowledge is to read about our friends on here. Everyone's experience is different but yet in some ways the same.

Talk to your family and friends. Talk to people here that have already gone through it. Make the decision that you feel the most comfortable with in your gut and heart.

Love to you all


This is gonna be funny. The doc that does the coiling (it is a group) says coiling is best. The doc that opens your head says that is they said it's up to me. That is why I am researching so much and really want to hear about people that have had both. I am truly worried about what i choose and i am not a person who worrys.

Your comments were very helpful, thank you. I keep thinking coiling is just too risking, but i am scared as hell about getting a craniotomy...

I was too, I don’t think I have ever felt that way before in my life and the feelings you have as your being taken to surgery is very hard to explain…It’s normal to be scared either way you do it…Just have faith in yourself, God and your surgeon…


I had a coiling/stent 3 1/2 weeks ago. I met with both docs. the coiling is much less evasive and very reliable. I was told by another doc yesterday I did the right thing it is better then peeling away layers of my brain. less recovery time. My hair is falling out from the radiation, and I had a leaking anni and it was 5mm they needed a stent to hold the coils in. They covered their bases. I have had headaches slowly getting better. I would have hated to recover from a piece of my skull being removed. Good luck

My big questions are, do I live with an unruptured annie? or do I live with a coil in my head and the complications or possible complications and screenings every year? or do I get my head opened like a can of tuna and all the pain and complications and risks of major surgery on my head and horror stories of stroke during surgery? Has anyone read or seen the illustrations of that kind of surgery? It's enough to make me weak in the knees and double over with nausea......... I am so lost.


i know it is scary the docs say oh it routine cuz they do it everyday for us it is life changing and very scary.I chose to have the clipping done instead of coiling less up keep my doc said.i am 4 weeks after and very glad i did it .i am doin is a very hard thing to decide.i am 41 with 4 kids and it sure was stressful to come up with the right thing for me. i think the hardest part was walking to the hospital that morning knowing that i feel good now but wont in a few hrs,but then i no longer had to worry about annie any more.i wish the best for you keep me posted .Nancy

The thing that people seem to forget is with both procedures is your walking around with something in your head. With coiling it's coils, with clipping it's a metal clip..Either way in the end your not walking around with an annie anymore. Living with coils or clip is in the end better because your living!

The thought of someone opening your skull is probably the most horrible thought. I have had many operations but not one comes close to how I felt about someone opening up my skull. The pain I had after my operation was minamal. I am doing great I believe. I have a few problems but really no pain to speak of. My problems they say will return to normal in time. I believe this!

Making this all important choice is very hard and I wish all that have to do it the best and hope all have the best outcome possible.


Thank you, that is the kind of info i am looking for....

I have had a coil on a rupture and a craniotomy to clip another. The coils I had on 2/14/08 held and then collapsed the first of this year after they did the clip on Jan 28th they did angio to check clip and found the coils had not held so they sent me back into surgery on April 14th to recoil and place a stint via angio.

Of course recovery from coiling is much quicker because it's less invasive it took me much longer to recover from craniotomy if you can coil I would choose that! Good luck, being terrified is normal we all were.

I also just learned that besides the 7mm annie, I have MS. I am devistated....