First coiling is coming up in 3 weeks

I'm just joining and learning my way around the forum. I am hoping to hear from others who have been through a coiling procedure and understand my anxiety. It is Sept. 17th and I ask for your prayers on this date and any advice would be most welcome, thanks.

I had 2 coilings plus stents in April. It’s not a bad procedure. No pain except pretty bad headaches for weeks after. No reason to be scared of it.

I had mine coiled (after a rupture so mine was really complicated) and had a followup angio 6 months later. It is not a bad procedure really. It is always a little anxious when you are dealing with the unknown, but you will do fine. I will definitely keep you in my prayers now and then....I will have what is HOPED to be my final angio after the first of the year and if it is still good, then I will be released from my neuro! Advice is to just stay as calm as you can before the procedure and TRUST that God and the surgical team will be there with you! I know that is hard and I, too, will get anxious again before my next angio, but it's much better to get it before it ruptures!


Hi Donna! I totally agree with lily-fear not, hang in there!

Hi Donna.... I went thru a coiling on a second aneurysm in March of this year. It was really painless, I opted out of the stent though after reading some of the complications people were having with them on this site.

I am doing great, but I have to admit that I was feeling like an air head for months after. I even nick named myself Forest Gump, and I am just starting to pull out of feeling that way and getting back to my senses. I still get fatigued easily though and I am not sure what time during the day it is going to happen, so I am still working on that. :0)

You are in my prayers!

God Bless You!


Thanks for the encouraging posts everyone. :)