License renew

I would like to thank everybody who has helped me during this caregiving process. I do have a random question that I was hoping somebody had experience with. My dad’s license will be expiring. Is he allowed to renew his license if he has not been cleared to drive yet? We were hoping to avoid him having to completely re-take the test if he ever gets cleared from his doctors to drive again? Thank you!

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Bri, I’m unsure of Ohio laws. Here in NC, BH took me to the office and I renewed mine, but now you can do it online here. I did have to identify the road signs. Some States require the doctor to notify the DMV if there are health related issues that prevents someone from driving as I have learned here. NC isn’t one of them.

I just looked at Ohio’s site Ohio BMV Driver's License Renewal | DMV.ORG they want the person to come in to their office for renewal. Is he able to go? If he has to take the written test and identify the signs, is he able?

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Thank you for looking into this… i struggled to find the correct information. I believe he definitely can, he still struggles with aphasia though which concerns me, if i were to take him to the DMV and they ask him questions regarding laws/signs/ect…

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Aphasia doesn’t effect driving in my experience. The only thing I had to speak for was the road signs. I practiced before I went for weeks until I got the words down pat. On a couple, I couldn’t remember the word but I could describe what the signs meant. I think one was a merging traffic sign and I said something like be careful there’s cars coming. The man said which side, I held up my right hand and said this side. :rofl:. My stutter was really bad back then, the man was very nice and patient. I passed.

I believe you would just renew the license as you normally would. I am in NY and i had to get an updated license with my new address, and I just did it online. I was tested and cleared by an OT to drive as well as by my neurosurgeon. The testing by the OT was more focused on attention and keeping attention for longer periods as well as peripheral vision and reaction. I did practice driving with my parents at first, and i rarely drive alone. Being in nyc I don’t even own a car! But I can drive if needed!

@b_lloyd4 don’t forget to have him get a Real I.D. so he can fly if he wants. He will need his birth certificate and social security card for that. Here’s the link, OH calls it a Compliant Card. Ohio BMV

I forgot to do that with the last license I got and I forgot to take my D.D. 214 in so I could have Veteran put on my license, yikes!