Driving question?

I saw the form for the doctor to give clearance for getting a CDL. do you know anyone/or have you been cleared to drive a bus or truck and get a CDL?


Thank you, Sue! I am just worried a doctor won't sign off on me being okay. :/ you give me hope!


You may want to review a couple of websites: www.iovs.org/cgi/content/full/50/2/577 and/or

www.arvo.org/eweb/dynamicpage and/or www.journalofvision.org and your state DOL website. My licensing was basic/standard, not CDL; but needed a form signed approving re-testing...

Only your doctors know what they should recommend / approve; i.e. the form to secure testing...

Best wishes for your results.


so should I see my norm doc for appt to fill out paper - or my neuro?

Call their offices and ask each one who would be most appropriate in making the decision for you.