Just called the Doctor

Well I just called my nuero doc to complain . I have been having non stop headaches for about 3 weeks now . and I noticed that if I look to the left with just my eyes only It hurts and i get dizzy . Stiff neck ? I hate not being able to really tell the difference and I hate calling the doc . I'm not sure if you would describe it as a stiff neck or not I keep feeling the need to roll my neck around . i have been holding off on calling him because I have an appt. with him Jan.18 so I 've been trying to wait but then the pain hit and started again this morning . They come and go ALL day everyday for the past 3 weeks . My coils were done may 5 2011 due to a rupture then a stent placed sept . 23 2011 . I don't want to be "that patient " that calls and complains over nothing. If any doctor tells me they have nothing to do with the annie I would mosr definetly rip him a new one . These are not like the "regular" headaches I got prior to the annie .The good news id that his secretary told me that i can stop taking plavix once I'm done with this bottle . No more bruising and periods from hell ! lol

I just want to add something because it just happened . Moving my eyes side to side or up and down kind of fets medizzy ... What the hell is going on . I hate this crap ! so frustrating i don't like making mountains out of mole hills .

It is good you called Amanda...it is your body ... your health...

I must tell you, I had the bad neck since the coiling...I finally addressed with my Neurologist a few months ago and I have been going to P/T...it is slow, but getting better...

Keep us posted...and Know you are in my Thoughts...! Colleen

My neck has been a little diferent too . It crackles and pops when I turn my head.The crackling starts at the base of my head and goes straight down the center of my neck . I wonder what thats all about . ? this could be related butkind of feels different . Thank you for your response.

Hi Amanda,

Can't relate to the dizziness but the Stiff neck was my biggest problem post surgery. had my coiling April 6th and neck issues were frightening. It felt as though my muscles had tightened/ shortend and was restricting me. I could not look or hold a conversation to the left, without an increasing pain developing, If I got tired the pain in the neck got worse, excuse the pun, and I really felt as tho I would never be able to move around again. But like always posted this on BAF and sooooo many came back to say. YEP...this is yet another common post op occurances that has nothing to do with our annies :).

The two main common explanations were that it could well be the way we are placed during the op with the big old breathing tube in out throats, or that it is just good old stress and tension build up, but the main thing is, YES it was common and No you are not making a mountain out of a mole hill. I went back to my doctor with these explanations in mind and he didn't so much agree but prescribed muscle relaxors which seemed to help, well help enough for me to start gently rolling my neck and doing simple neck stretching excercies which hand in hand helped, Hope this helps, as if it is stress related, knowing you are not alone and it does get better may be just wot the Dr ordered :)

Hope this Helps

Best Wishes


That's what I told my Doctor Amanda...that I never had anything like this...it was so different...and the P/T is helping to loosen those muscles...see what Gaynor wrote...very helpful...

Well my nuero doc calledback he is sending me for a CT scan to check for hydrochpolus ( I know that was spelled wrong) . I am getting dizzy . especially when i move my eyes around . HAve any of you had this ?

well my shoulders been burning and long story short i swithched dr and they sent me for ct and xray and found neural foraminal narroiwng and spina bifida and enchroachment. now i'm waiting to go back to my surgeon to see what he thinks. but my old dr told me there is nothing wrong with you.its called cspine on c5-c6

Hi Amanda,

You are not alone. I haven't been able to visit here to much lately because I am going through what you have and can understand the despair you are feeling. Difference between us is I had my unruptured 7.5 mm ani clipped on 10-10-11. It will be 3 months repaired in 4 days.

On to the headaches. Mine go on weeks at a time, non-stop, except for about 2 week breaks pain free. I live on Tylenol, Percocet, and (Fioricet no help) which made me sick so it was a no win situation. I am now on my 2nd pain free break. I am praying the headaches will not come back because they are 24/7 migraines that have sent me to the E.R. The ER doctor took a Cat scan without contrast and fluid showed up. He sent me home and told me I better see my neurologist. He was very concerned about it. Next day the left side of my head/face was swollen. The fluid was attributed to the surgery. It was explained that any injury or surgery will cause some fluid to the injured area, but for the migraines, no answer. I was then given morphine & a MRI w/wo contrast and will have another one in 2 weeks. I was told the headaches had nothing to do with the surgery. As for the stiff neck and dizziness I have them pre & post surgery so I don't know what is related to the ani anymore. Herniated neck disc and multiple other problems, but never a headache that concerned me.

By the way, I never had a headache so bad that I needed the ER or felt hopeless especially because the doctor's are unable to help or find the cause. I would get a headache once in awhile, pop 1 Tylenol and be fine. No more. What is strange is why a migraine would go on for weeks 24/7 and then NOTHING the next few days. These few pain free breaks are a blessing. Will there be a 3rd episode coming. I pray not and am enjoying these past few days.

What is 'normal' to experience post surgery? I think we all wonder that. I wish you the best and pray you can find out what is causing yours. Best wishes, jeanne