First Trip to Neuroligist after 1-11-11 Surgery for Stent & Coiling

Hi everyone. Well I had my first trip out side since coiling and stent. Went to Neurologist, dumb me drives myself, first mistake. The brightness outside starts headache. i get to the doctors and he was a small waiting room and the panic attack starts. Since the surgery I have NO PATIENTS!!!! I mean really any little thing sets me off . They finally call me in, the fluorescent lights are killing me. I tell dr that I feel like crap dizzy don't feel like eating or drinking, can't sleep the pain in my head. The dr ask if I need something for nausea. Nausea??? I need for the headaches to stop, the pain in my neck to stop and the snap crackle pop sound to quit, then I wouldn't have nausea. drs answer, it will go away don't worry, and by the way if you get a bad headache go to ER. THANKS DOC like I don't know that! Oh and see ya in 3 months.

Is it me or am I asking for to much? I know I got away lucky, it could have been worse. But I don't feel that way. I'm angry, depressed and just plain feed up. I'm sorry that I'm sounding selfish. my kids don't understand the seriousness of the whole thing they are 23,27,29. I have stopped answering the phone. They don't get it. I have shut myself off from everyone, except my 2 cats, my babies. They don't judge. When does this pain all stop?????? Should I call Neurosurgeon? Sorry again I am just rambling. All I had was a coiling & stent, I'm lucky.

Thanks for all your support and the opportunity to vent!


whoaaaaaaaaaa…it is way too early to be driving,i thought i was going to drive myself to the corner market and the light was blinding,glad i had my sunglasses,then i made it back home safely, but cutting corners too close by running on the curb…lmao…this is at 4 weeks post op…i think you might be rushing it a lil bit…and the kids thing is normal,our kids do not like to think about losing their parent,therefore not talking about it is a way to them that we are going to be ok…i have a 16yr old son and 21 yr old daughter…they just wanted everything to go back to normal as soon as possible,but truth is we are going to be a new and improved normal…we survived a life altering experience…which alot of people dont and want our families to realize how lucky they are to still have us here,and believe me they do its just not as apparent,my kids and husband tell me how much they love me and wouldnt know what they wouldve done had i not made it,its just they dont like to talk about it all the time,im thankful i found this site because then i have people that can relate to what were going thru…it will get better,im a yr and 3 mo living the new after anny life and its wonderful and beautiful…


First, it's highly likely your three kids are hiding (not acccepting?) the seriousness of their mother's health...

D/C records should note if no driving until approved by MD... And, anyway, even if it is approved by MD, please be sure you are comfortable with it...

Yes, please call your neuro...


Hi Margaret, Sorry to hear your 1st trip out was not good. I wanted to tell you my story since we are close to coling procedure. My coiling was done on Nov 16th. My Nero doctor does want to see me for 6 months. He said to followup with my primary dr. (he is just now learning about BA from me I am educating him) They told me in the hospital if I have really bad pain to go to ER. Well I have been to ER on Dec, 12th and Dec 28 with extremely bad pain. The second time I thought I was having another rupture/leak because it was the worst head ache of my life again. They gave morphine both times and did a CTA with and without contrast. It showed my coling was fine. They sent me home. My primary is referring me a nerologoist for my pain. I am working and don;t think I should. I went back to work 2 1/2 weeks after coling. I work and come home and in bed I have had people drive me becuase i have been afraid of my headaches getting worse when I drive,. I dont have much time on here cause just dont have the energy. My husband found a support group in the area he thinks we should go. I think your kids don’t see a physical difference in you may be the issue with them, See the system will not let me keep typing or maybe its me. I think you should talk to the kids maybe let them see this website and what you going through also some meds can depress you so look into that as well. Kim

Hi Margaret -

How are you doing now? It's been another week since you posted, and I hope you're getting some relief. I too have had 2 ER visits since my coil/stent, and it's traumatizing just to have to go there (and feel that bad) again. I'm so sorry youve had to do that. And like you, despite those 2 ER trips, I'm also ok - no complications. my ER trips were for numbness/tingling on my arm (once) and leg (once).

Today I woke w the worst headache since the whole ordeal, but 2 tylenol, a vicodin, strong coffee, and a big massage by my husband and i'm feeling at least 50 percent better - tho scared that when the meds wear off it will be back. But, my doctors have told me that an emergency headache wouldn't go away - so I've got to throw this in the horrendous migraine category and try not to stress.

Yeah - the road is really yucky sometimes. I've in general been doing really well in past weeks, thank God. Smaller headaches still come, this is the first big one in over a month, but hey, I got migraines before all of this too. They're just more frequent in the couple of months prior to diagnosis of aneurysm and since surgery.

My kids are younger, so the issues are different. And I can't remember - did you have a rupture? I didn't, but it's still a road....

I hope you're getting some good days in here and there.

Take good care


I had a sent and coiling on left side and clip put in on right, in hospital for a month. at about the 8 weeks, I ask Doctor about about driving and he said to stay off freeways only back roads and to take some one with me for extra eyes and to drive slow, I drove to a the neursurgeon dr at 3 months and they got mad because I was driving and said not to drive, idrove but only when I felt good and not in frog or after dark. I have been in er and the hospital twice since surgery. My grand-daugther and family move in with us for 3 weeks. I just haven’t felt like doing much and it’s been 6 months. We have to think about every thing before acting on it. Be careful & safe it’s a long recovery. take your time and be safe. I will be thinking about you and praying.

Thanks everyone for your support!!!! i have good days and bad. The headaches are better. But when I do have them the are intense!!! My real problem right now is sleep. I can't fall asleep, and when I do i don't want to get up. The depression is still there. dont go anywhere, still keeping everyone away. I try the hydros for pain and sleep they dont work. I see the surgeon 02-10-11 will see what he says, probably put me back to work. Not sure i'm ready. The headache right now is on the right side and it feels just like the stent and coil pain was on the left side. I guess I'll try and go lay down. The pain from surgery is getting better. Thank God for spell check!!! LOL


Hi margaret -

Since you know you're depressed (which is totally normal), would you consider an anti-depressant med? It could even help w/ the headaches...

Ya jennifer been there they dont seem to help and coming off ythem was no easy thing. The withdraws were horrible. Been off Anti-depressants for well over a year now. I think that I just need to deal and move on. LOL Easier sad then done. Just in this very confused state with everything in my life right now. Thanks for the suggestion though


hi margaret…i was having the down days 2-3 months after and i found walking…getting out of the house helped immensely…my husband and i even moved our bedroom furniture around so it still didnt look the same way as when i came home from the hospital…helped sooo much…add something new to ur house decor,.it helps make ur new life alot nicer to accept…life will get better…i use the hydro for headaches and ativan for anxiety…i didnt like any of the anti depressants…good luck sweety


Did your headaches start before you went to the Neurologist, or was this something that started after stent and coiling? Thank you for any answers. My wife gets migraines and she is a SAH clipping suvivor 17 years now but the migraines are very frequent, almost 15 days a month.


ED, I have had severe migraines for over 6 yrs. Thats how they found the ani. But the migraines are not supposedly associated with the ani. They had been watching my ani for the last 6 yrs. and only decided to do something with it because of the change in my headaches in December 2010, they were different then my previous migraines and the size and shape had changed of ani. Has she tried the Imetrex injections 6mg for her migraines??? They are a life saver for me. They help my migraines 90% of the time. Only thing that helped me after the stent and coil surgery. My migraines were really severe after the surgery but have gotten better. Still have bad days but headaches are manageable. Hope this helps! Good luck.

It would be easier to inject a stone than my wife. Can’t even bribe her to go for a blood test. Maxalt Mlt 10 Mg helps abort some of the migraines. They chiefly come from electrical devices inside and outside the home. Somehow the electrons from these devices become attracted to the metal clip and bone flap wire and initiate the migraines. We found Physics concepts that explain how this can happen, but need to help educate the Doctors how it occurs so they can “experiment” with solutions. High wind coupled to high humidity are also migraine trigger in her and interestingly, the same Physics concepts apply to how weather causes them. Thank you for your suggestion and I’ll ask if she wants to try that medication. The tablet versions didn’t work when she tried them back in 1994. But back then Doctors never knew they should be used at the first sign of a migraine, now they do recommend it.

Ya the pill form never helped me either. Tell her the shot is well worth the fear. BELIEVE ME!!! When my son was young, i mean from 1 till about 6 he had migranes and we lived by huge power lines. I always wondered if they had something to do with his headaches. So much I did a paper on the cause of EMF (electromagnetic effect) effect on people. I found out a lot of interesting things. There are some studies out there that show a possible link. I know weather for me is a real trigger. an change of seasons. I work in a chemical plant and have a few issues with smells but thank goodness not bad enough I cant deal. Well good luck Ed, tell your wife I dont like needs either but it comes in a nice kit you dont even see needle, just feel it.


Finally someone who understands the EMF. I'm doing a presentation on this week at Jefferson Headache Center about this very subject. Up til now, medical science has now been unable to prove EMF's as the cause - it was always conjecture. Via my wife's clipping and bone flap closure we have determined exactly how EMF's act upon the metal to transfer electron energy into the nervous system. The proof is in the ability to replicate an experiment. We have been able to do this. We are hoping this will encourage Jefferson to take on the next steps in the research to find a solution to the painful and vexing problem. I'll write back with my impressions their reaction to this data.

Thanks Ed! Good luck with your presentation! EMF is a real issue and people don’t understand the effect it has on are lives. Again good luck!

This is going to be a longer road then I expected. As part of the team approach, Jefferson does a Psychology interview that I agree is helpful in the assessment process. Problem was, the Psychologist was at a loss and had trouble visualizing the mechanical components of power transformers and power lines, not to mention the physics components to electricity. It dawned on me that this center is staffed by City folk and they really don’t know much about how the rest of us live. They spend most of their life and work in the city, studying medical literature. My wife did better than I expected in the city with her headaches. As I thought about this, I realized that just about all of the cities electrical utilities are burried underground so that changes the exposure to the electric fields. We agreed to try a few different prevention medications like pamalor and nasal/injectable migranol to see if these meds help at all. There will be a limit though to how many meds I would want my wife to try.