New and a few Questions

Hello Everyone!

I am new to the forum and super excited to be here. :)

They found my annie while doing an MRI for a pounding headache that I got because I was choking on some cashews. Gotta love those peanuts! I had 2 other bad headaches after that from stressful situations so my family doc decided to do the MRI/MRA. My family doc said I must of had an angel on my shoulder, and lucky to have found the annie. No doubt!

I just got my 10 1/2 mm annie coiled in May down in Gainesville, Florida (Dr. Brain Hoh / awesome doc) while in surgery they found I had a 2mm annie on the other side (too small for them to coil). It was if someone had punched me in the stomach when I woke up to hear the news. I go back for my angio in November of this year.

My questions:

Is it just me or is anyone else a little paranoid when using cell phones next to your ear that's closest to coiled annies? I try and use the speaker phone as much as possible. Not sure if the phone can affect the platinum?

I'm on plavix 75 mg and aspirin 325mg for a year.....anyone else have to be on those for that long? I made sure my family doc perscribed the coated aspirin so it wouldn't take a toll on my stomach so much.

I also read that I need to call my dentist and tell him that he might need to put me on some antibiotics before my next cleaning. I read that the bacteria could possibly hook up onto the coils? Anyone else hear or read this?

Goodness, how my mind wonders with any twinge, unsual headaches or 'feeling the bloodflow' in the head. I worry about diet soda, exercise, activities that raise my bp, trying not to stress at work or with my boyfriend, and keeping my bp in check with meds. And now I'm worried about my teeth being cleaned. *sigh*

I need to remember that God is steering my ship, and try and tell myself to relax even if the boat rocks a bit.

Anyhoo......I'm usually not a worrier, but things have changed a bit to make me one!

Have a wonderful 'worry free' week folks,



Gr8 advice Jim!

Thank you so much. You bet that we have been given a 2nd chance. We are all truly blessed.

I am so thankful to have found this forum, realizing that we are all on a similar journey.

You are right that I need to make the most of life.....and I do love my veggies, but I sure don't want to live like one.

I think after I get my first angio done in about 3 months, I won't be so anxious.

Thanks again and have a super week,


hi carrie,


Don't worry so much about the cell phone. The radio frequency waves generated by it cannot easily penetrate our skulls. What everyone needs to be concerned with are the electromagnetic waves given off by the charging transformer and other electrical devices. At 60Hz, it easily penetrates both the skin and our skulls and there are no shields that can prevent it from occuring. Good luck and God Bless!

Thanks for the reply Ed. Good to know about the electromagnetic waves.

Hello Michelle!

Hi too Shands hospital...Dr. Lewis and Dr. Firment my Doctors...

I am on 325mg aspirin the rest of my you I still have a 2mm that is on a watch...the other annie was 9mm leaking on my basilar artery...I cannot be on plavix because when I was at Shands I bled so bad from the plavix they had to put me in coma and then transfusion blood...

I didn't know this about the denist...but I will check into...I am finding that the education when I was leaving Shands was not so good...

Cell phones...only use my once in awhile...but hubby is going to put something in car to be hands free and no longer by my ear...yup scared of that one ... !

You have a Beautiful day...! Fondly, Colleen