Is there any point in me getting this CT scan?

Hi everyone. My doctor scheduled a CT scan for me today because of sharp ice-pick like pains in my head (one particular spot) and some slight pain above my eye on that same side of the head. They want to rule out an unruptured aneurysm.

But after considerable time reading this forum, it seems that many people had been mis-diagnosed by CT scan (the scan didn’t show their aneurysm).

All that being said, should I skip the CT scan and ask for an MRA instead?

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If they do ct make sure they do it with contrast dye. That’s what made the difference in finding mine!

@Moreheadjm11 - I just got back and even though the doctor ordered with contrast, they did NOT do contrast when I got there.

I asked why and even pointed to the paper that said “with contrast” and she said “what theyre looking for, contrast isn’t needed”. Ugh!

Hey Ryan,
I had a very similar situation occur within a hospital A&E. The Dr had ordered specific scans but the radiologist over ruled the dr and did not complete the full range as requested. When I queried why the radiologist stated that the scans he had performed would be adequate. Upon returning to the A&E dept the dr was very angry and proceeded to take me back to radiology and some rather heated words were had. In basic terms the dr told the radiologist he was a glorified photographer, it was his role to take the pictures and her role to diagnose, not the other way around. If she the dr asked for specific images then he was to do exactly as requested. To say that the radiologist was not happy about being reamed out by the dr was an understatement but he certainly got the message and the requested scans were then completed.

What I have found within the medical fraternity is that egos are HUGE and highly competitive and often combative. I have seen numerous specialists and some opinions have been dismissive of contradicting opinions, sort of like “Well I know better…”. As patients we have very little to no say and for you and I to question, the reaction is often extremely negative. It’s easier to let the professionals fight it out amongst themselves.

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Yes, an unruptured Annie was discovered during a scan for similar symptoms. It was monitored than later clipped successfully. Best wishes to you.

My annie was discovered via CTA scan, followed up by MRA for confirmation, then Angiogram and ultimately, a PED. My neurosurgeon is cross-trained in both open surgery and endovascular treatment and is also a Radiologist.

Hi Microscopes,

I have also had sharp pains (they are by my ear) and around my eye. I have had both an MRI and MRA and there is no aneurysm (I used to have one but was clipped). I never had pains before surgery. Anyhow, right now they are attributing it to “migraine variants”. Do you have any history of migraine?

Thank you for the best wishes.

The CT scan showed nothing abnormal.

I argued and said it should be done with contrast but both the Neurology department and Radiology said you don’t want contras. To look for aneurysms.

I went through a barrage of tests at the hospital and one was a CT Scan. I was kept in overnight and the following morning was taken back to radiology and had another CT Scan, this time with the dye. I was told later that day I had two unruptured aneurysms. Both have been clipped in 2012 & 2013. I was also diagnosed with epilepsy which were the symptoms I was being tested for originally.
After the second clipping on the left I was experiencing exactly the “Ice pick pain” when I had a CP Seizure. It only lasted about 30 seconds but the pain was in the same place as the craniotomy was done. I requested a neurosurgeon have a look and he scheduled a year later for the small hinge / plate be removed from my previous surgery. It is smaller than my fingernail and was removed while I was under local anaesthetic in theatre. No more pain.

I had a MRI one week Before My ANEURYSM BURST! If I had A MRA the Dr. said they would of saw it! From now on I now get MRA. And that is what they give my kids! MRA is with DYE! And I also have had Tech’s that have said I did not need it, and I had to “educate” them.

My Neurosurgeon always orders the MRI/A with and without contrast to check on mine. I only get a CT from the ER to check for bleeding because it’s their protocol. When I was in ICU, I had numerous CTA’s. I found this Hope it helps some

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I had an MRI first. The Dr actually thought it wasnt an annie and that it was probably just the picture but then he ordered me a CT scan with dye which showed that there was a 3x5x5 annie. Im in Canada and maybe its a bit different but im shocked that your techs are even allowed to make a call outside of what the Dr ordered. Also we have an app that I can’t use to view all of my xrays scans MRIs… as well as blood work. I knew what was going on days after my scan.