Hello All, I've been experiencing eye pain, blurred vision and headaches. My eyes were checked and the dr. said my vision is almost perfect so he does not think the pain has anything to do with my eyes. He is sending me to have a CT scan. Does anyone know if an Aneurysm can be found on a ct scan without contrast? I had a ct scan about 5 yrs ago without contrast and everything came back fine however he is sending me to have another this time with contrast. Any suggestions or info will be appreciated. Thank You so much. p.s I am so scared hearing and reading about people collapsing due to an undiagnosed aneurysm. And almost everyone on this site found theirs with an MRA instead of a CT with contrast.

I originally had an MRI which showed something was not right. They then ordered an MRA which basically focuses on vascular issues which showed I did in fact have an aneurysm. The doctor then ordered a CTA with contrast. I think in basic plain english, I'm not a doctor, the CTA with contrast just gives the doctor a better picture of what is going on. My original doctor then wanted to do an angiogram which basically puts a fiber optic camera up through your ateries for an even better picture but the doctor I had settled on said it wasn't necessary.

Hi Julie, I had a CT scan and it came back normal and 3 days later I had an MRI with contrast and it showed a 6mm aneurysm so I don’t trust CT scans. Laurie