Hey All

Hey Everyone, It’s been a while since I last posted but all them headaches I was having on a daily basis turned out to be sinusitis. My dr. ordered an CT scan with contrast and it showed no aneurysm or any abnormalities. I hope if there were something there it would have been found. I am relieved that they did not find anything serious but others tell me that I should have had an MRI with contrast. I’m confused now.

Hey Julie,

Why is there such a difference?

On the same day, I had MRI and MRA (with contrast). The MRI was completely normal, no aneurysms seen. The MRA showed 2 unruptured aneurysms. So, between MRI and MRA (which looks at arteries), the MRA is the one that is more likely to pick up aneurysms. I'm told that sometimes an MRI will detect them, but MRA w/ contrast is what's needed.

I think that a CT scan w/ contrast is as good as MRA w/ contrast - I'm pretty postitive of that, since some major ER's only have CT machines and use those for aneurysm/stroke diagnosis and don't have MRI/A machines.

I'm definitely not a doctor, but I think a MRI with contrast would be meaningless. And I think that the CT w/ contrast was probably very accurate and can be trusted.

But if your symptoms continue, keep checking back w your doc.

Thank You very much Jennifer, I have not had headaches like I was before the sinusitis diagnosis but I will definately keep my dr. updated. Thank You for your feedback and your knowledge. God Bless You.